#nonsense X’mas reunion

Met up my old pals from channel #Nonsense….the IRC days!

Upon reaching Union Sq, Nana was complaining that how come so many Ohjisan and Obasan was hanging  at the entrance. she said ” U all are old, but why must make me feel old too”… I very old meh??

The angel at the entrance escorted us to our table and whaa…. saw a few old faces.  They have order a bottled of Scotch Macallan , a bottle or 2 bottles of Wolf Blass Shiraz and 5liter tower beer!

It was quite quiet in the beginning,  like I mention there isn’t much to catch up since we meet like once a month. We decided to start playing some games to get everybody warm up.

Jules is really slow in playing games…..she keeps losing and drinking every round! Soon, we were all warm up from the drinks and …..its camera time. We took like 140+ photos and I appear in 80% of them. I’m posing in almost every shot and I was eventually crowned the Cam Whore.

I think everyone had fun over there and i think alcohol do makes alot of difference in merry making!

A belated Merry Christmas & a happy new year!

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