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Mid Life Blues

Things are at a extreme fast pace lately and I’m beginning to snap at things which irritate me! Example,

Can’t get  cab
Too crowded
Too noisy
Too far
Too troublesome
Too IRRITATING!!!!!!!!!

It piss me off to no end….Its mid life blues for me…. also.. friends has become a nuisances too. Its like suddenly everyone once contact you when there is some happening in their life….else in peaceful time, is eh…I’m busy leh…not free! WTF

No more ranting *Period *

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Things doesn’t seems to work out smoothly this month. Argh…  and its  only the beginning of 2008 and its like a bad start.

I can only hope that the year of RAT will come and I can have a decent year ahead…. cross my finger!!!

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Tiring Friday!

I had a tiring shooting session last Friday….man….I need a more comfy camera bag. I walk from 6:30pm to 2am.

6:30pm to 8:30pm

Walk around Chinatown shooting buildings and Chinese new year goodies. Hmm… suddenly someone called my name….. look ard!! Oh…Saw Jul, wat a small world!! She is waiting for a cab outside her office,and having all the time I have for the day, I waited with her. Its seems eternity and a cab has yet to appear. She said it was easy to get cab there…opss…it must be me then! SWAY! Anway one of her colleagues who appear and she wanted to flag for a cab. WHAA… she must be damn lucky coz suddenly 2 cabs appear and the 2 board the cab. I then continue to roam around Chinatown.

8pm – 11pm
Walk towards Clark Quay and decide to have my dinner at Mac. Eh…the menu seems boring and I decided to pamper myself alittle.  I pop into one of my fav jap restaurant and had a decent $20 meal. I happy and full meal, i pop into the nearby bookshop to kill sometime as well as waiting for the sky to turn darker!

Start walking round clark quay and riverside point. Fixed my camera to the tripod and shot at different location. Played around with long exposure and B/W mode. It took a freaking 3 mins to capture a shot.

Feeling bored with the area, I walked back to Chinatown to shoot again. Haha I ended up shooting cars from a bridge for 1hours. I tried different settings to acheive the zooming effect. Phew…am glad the shots turn out okie from my PC.

12:30am to 2:00am
Meet Nana and colleagues after their D&D, Haha Nana won a rice cooker AGAIN. Went photoshooting with them again at clark quay and I’m too tired and I have problem focusing through the viewfinder! We later have our supper at Kings Satay an called it a day!

Reach home at 2:30 and I drop dead on my bed after the bath! zzzzZZZZ….

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According to the calender..its Friday!

This week really zoom.

Its Friday today and its Nana company’s D&D. Too bad we didn’t win the logo contest, we lost due to “feng shui” muahah ironic it seems but I think it makes sense in certain way. Rather to believe then to ignore it.

Anyway, I’ll be on a solo mission tonight to go around town shooting. I bring my tripod along today so that I can do some night scape shooting. I should be shooting along Chinatown, Boat Quay& Clarke Quay. I think its gonna be funs as I’ll be shooting alone this time.. *grinz* free and easy

Oh…I postpone my Sony lessons to Feb as i received a RED BOMB again. Was from my ex colleague, she left to start her own business. It just isn’t easy starting ya own business… Hope you are doing well babe!! You go girl!

Talking about marriage….i remember the conversation I had with Toh. Haha…he is telling me not to think so much coz the more we think the less reason we have to get married. Muahah…..that coming from a married man. Okie…he is a committed man okie!

You see….it seems like all unnecessary things will suddenly becomes necessary after marriage.Things will be taken granted for w/o appreciation. Therefore I had an idea… SHE must list out the expectation from me….and I’ll let her know which is doable and which is not! Fair n Square right? hahhaa… therefore those not inside the list..shall be treated as good will 🙂

I’m selfish I know… but if this will help a marriage last why not… No one plan to fail…they only fail to plan 🙂

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Video Chef

If you know image chef, you will more or less know how they did it.  But this….. this is awesome! do try it!


Wait for the lady to appear, then ……

4. Press the VISUALIZAR bar.

tada…u have a video chef! Cool eh???

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Movies Weekend

Watch 2 movies during the weekends…I must say its a lucky weekend…both shows are fantastic.

First it was Sex & Death 101
Morale of the story : Keep FARKing till you find the right one.

Good Luck Chuck
Moral of the story : Keep FARKing till you find the right one.

Surprisingly  both shows have the same meaning, but the plots are very different.
Well…… Everyone is relentlessly searching for the right one but we don’t stop and wait for it, we carry on with life and love will find its way to you. So magical and so cliché.

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New Resolution & Resolution b/f for 2008

Resolution for 2007
1)Spend more quality time with my family
2)Forget yesterday sorrow and aim for a better tomorrow
3)Have a fruitful Vietnam trip
4)More development opportunity & new projects in my work
5)Be a better man
6)Use kinder words
7)Get a car
8)Get more sleep
9)Meet more friends

Okie above are my resolution for 2007, and those which I strike off are those I’ve sort of acheive. Therefore those which I didn’t quite achieve I’ll bring it forward as my resolution for 2008.

Resolution for 2008 

1)Spend more quality time with my family (I’ve been a bad son)
2)Be a better man (I’m evil)
3)Use kinder words (I’m sarcastic)
4)Get a car (COE, Cash Card, Chauffeur & Convenience)
5)Get more sleep (No more late night movies and Games)
6)Earn more monies (Monies not enough)
7)Settle down (Thats like everyone resolution for me)
8)More Business Idea (Anyone wanna buy 1 from me)
9)Travel more (So I can relax and see more)
10)Spend more times with my camera, running shoes & furby
11) Fulfill my above 10 resolution for 2008

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Holga Camera

I’m itching to get my hands on a Holga camera. Its stunning :)~

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Broken Chinese?

I came across a DIY poster which read “收购好坏手鸡”

Whaa Lao…. either I sux at Chinese or it should 收购好坏手. I’ll try to take a pic tomorrow. Did not bring out my phone during my lunch out!

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Photography Day Out

Went photo shooting around Arab street on Saturday. Intended to go Chinatown by have to change to Arab street because I need to exchange  a faulty laptop RAM.

I think I’ve really improve on my shooting, shots turn out greater then expected. I only need to be familiar with the settings. I had to try and error  a few times before getting the settings right.

Aikido class started  that day and  more then expected crowd turn up for the demo. I must say I’m really impressed with the demo and the students who sign up. These student are really hardcore Aikido fans. They have practice Aikido before but wanted to persure it further in the Yoshinkan style. What surprise me even more was there they were a few foreigner who were working in Singapore signing up for the class, and there was this particular guy who was on a tour in Singapore pop by just to view the demo and chat with the sensei. Guess that all Aikido practitioner has something in common.

Kudos to Ramlan Sensei!


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