Happy New Year

Has been a hectic 2007… Both in Work, R/S & Game.

I need to flip back to my 2007 resolution and see whats being fulfilled and whats not. I know I’m a little late but its better then not doing anything at all.

Got a call from CC a few days ago and she was weeping over the phone will yakking with me. She was weeping because she can’t seems to be satisfied with what every she has and is always complaining about it. So I told her to reflect and be realistic in making her demands. If her current husband can’t provide what she wants, then she should stop complaining and look for someone who can. Coz there isn’t any reason to complain at something you knew would never change. If all those material needs is what she WANTS…. then she should start looking for a new husband..else she should just reflect on her needs and wants.

My conclusion on Marriage….argh…why jump into it when u have no confidence handling it. Life isn’t a bed of roses there are ups and downs. So dun be naive in only “hearing the good things”.


I’ve been busy battling in an online game. I’ve been playing for years and this tourney is really hardcore and time consuming. There isn’t room for loser and inactivity and I managing a bunch of players making sure that they took my orders seriously and making sure every attacks counts. Phew…am glad we made it round after round, have no confidence that my team will win, coz those OTHER guys out there are really awesome. hahah just like me ๐Ÿ™‚ opss

okie…enough babbling. Happy New Year.. and as usual…may this year be a better one the the previous ๐Ÿ™‚


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