New Resolution & Resolution b/f for 2008

Resolution for 2007
1)Spend more quality time with my family
2)Forget yesterday sorrow and aim for a better tomorrow
3)Have a fruitful Vietnam trip
4)More development opportunity & new projects in my work
5)Be a better man
6)Use kinder words
7)Get a car
8)Get more sleep
9)Meet more friends

Okie above are my resolution for 2007, and those which I strike off are those I’ve sort of acheive. Therefore those which I didn’t quite achieve I’ll bring it forward as my resolution for 2008.

Resolution for 2008 

1)Spend more quality time with my family (I’ve been a bad son)
2)Be a better man (I’m evil)
3)Use kinder words (I’m sarcastic)
4)Get a car (COE, Cash Card, Chauffeur & Convenience)
5)Get more sleep (No more late night movies and Games)
6)Earn more monies (Monies not enough)
7)Settle down (Thats like everyone resolution for me)
8)More Business Idea (Anyone wanna buy 1 from me)
9)Travel more (So I can relax and see more)
10)Spend more times with my camera, running shoes & furby
11) Fulfill my above 10 resolution for 2008

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