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Preparation for WAR

Weather was pretty nasty during the 2weeks of my military service. It was either raining heavily or the sun is scorching our skins off. Of coz we were wearing long sleeves…but its still pretty bad.

Well..what I wanted to highlight wasn’t how harsh the climate or the terrain was nor even the training. I wanted to talk about the mentality of my fellow camp mates. Few tried to “snake” their way through finding excuse to skip train when some have the “NI” attitude “not interested” attitude.

I was at the low side of my morale…come on, they will be the one who will be fighting side by side with me in times of war. But not knowing their drills will put our fellow mates life at stake. We are dealing with bullets and explosives..its not a joking matter!

Even the commanders ain’t sure of the drill.. ..and this reminds me of a question my dad once pose to me. What would I do if my commander made us attempt a mission knowing that it will definitely FAIL! I reply was…follow his order and save your life. A solider was train to follow orders and protect his own life!

His reply. Shoot the commander and took over the troops. Look for better opportunity to do the mission! Whaa…. sounds like treason! but I kind of like the idea now 🙂

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Back from Military Service


I’m back from my military service, will update once I’m done catching up with my work.
Hm…it was great feeling during the service. Shall elaborate more later~

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I’ll be away for military service. Will update once I’m back!


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