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Shows I’ve watch recently that goes….”WHO”….

I caught a few shows recently like “Horton hears a WHO” and “Over her dead body”

Over her dead body was nothing to shout about. Instead I find Horton to be a good show. He is one funny elephant with a big heart. It was a touching story of how Horton fight and go against the law of the jungle to protect what he believes…. a living speck.

Its the spirit of how people go against your believes or ideas and you stood by it and did not sway to their criticism. Oh..Jim Carey is voice behind Horton!

I also mange to get my hands on the “Secret Diary of a Call Girl”
Its quite an interesting show of how an escort, whore, prostitute*in any name you might want to call* lives her lives. Very proactive scenes and it not for the minor! 8 episodes in total…caught only 2….heheh rushing back after work to catch the remaining 4. Something for a change after watching too much HK & US tv series!

BTW Boston Legal still rocks….Danny Crane!

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Things that FAILED

Stumbled upon this site > The Fail Blog <
As stated in the title….this blogs contains pictures of things that failed!

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Body Grooming

Woot~~ I’ll be having my 3hrs SPA followed by a hair cut & treatment this coming weekend. I hope this pampering  will rejuvenate me spiritually too. I’m quite lost with my my work recently. After this weekend, hopefully things will be as smooth as my skins!

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Gross but Funny Game!

I was introduct to this game by my 10yrs old niece.


U will be shock kids r playing this!!!

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Pissing Company

Singnet has been pissing me off.  They have really screw up the trust I have on them. Okie maybe not them! But their customer service. Argh.. they have to let me write a sarcastic email to them to get an respond. Why, I ask for something, and they emailed me the wrong thing. I ask for it again and make some feedback. I requested them to have their sales and marketing department acknowledge my feedback.

Guess what…no replies from them for a awhole week.

I have to sent a short and simple sarcastic reminder that goes.

I hope there is someone capable in singnet who is capable of following up with a simple email from a very unsatisfied customer.

Yours unfaithfully


Hmm…. I got a email the next day (yesterday) informing that someone will call me personally to discuss the issues.

In a crude manner…its indicating that You need to “F” them hard to get them working.

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Sun Tzi Art of Treachery

Pertaining to my previous post on the local public transport situation.

I set me thinking along the Sun Tzi Art of War.
Imagine you a fighting a war and wants to lead your enemy to a terrain of your favor.
You will set up obstacles to cause them to may a make diversion. Where you will then ambush and attack them take advantage of what you have create.

Lets take a look at the scenario

ERPs & COEs are like obstacles to channel some drivers into public commuters.
Public Transport thus having enough commuters to maintain their revenues.

However one knowing that it is a trap, we walk in voluntarily.
The grass is not even Greener, No promise to increase the efficiency or frequency or fares of the transport?
In fact I observe the followings.

Air-con dripping
Air-con not cooling
EZlink card reader not working
No mobile TV?
Double decker seats indicator not working
Bus driver alight commuters far away from bus stop.

All I can say is…Sun Tzi Art of War Treachery really works!

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An unusual conversation.

I was on the train this morning and with no surprise every was cramp like sardines in a can. LUCKY me I had some luxury of space to read my papers. When i flip to the forum section and begin reading, a unfamiliar voice was heard, I turned my head and saw a man in his early 40s. He was ranting to me on a article published in the papers.

It was how the LTA are attracting enticing drivers to scrap their cars at better deals. Thus channeling such segment of drivers to take public transport. He highlighted that the train was already badly pack at peak hours and he has to squeeze trough the crowd to get to a comfortable position to stand. He can’t imagine how it would become if there is such influx of new public transport user.

This complain wasn’t new to me. But someone whom I do not know, complaining to me at that situation was indeed a rare sight. I understand his frustration and wanting to voice it out to me.  I share his his view which I had already foresee sometime back. But not wanting to make his day worst, before I alight, I turn around and greeting him good bye and wishing him a good day ahead. I hope this will make his day, at least his voice was heard 🙂

I’ll begin my after thoughts on this issue in my next post.

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