An unusual conversation.

I was on the train this morning and with no surprise every was cramp like sardines in a can. LUCKY me I had some luxury of space to read my papers. When i flip to the forum section and begin reading, a unfamiliar voice was heard, I turned my head and saw a man in his early 40s. He was ranting to me on a article published in the papers.

It was how the LTA are attracting enticing drivers to scrap their cars at better deals. Thus channeling such segment of drivers to take public transport. He highlighted that the train was already badly pack at peak hours and he has to squeeze trough the crowd to get to a comfortable position to stand. He can’t imagine how it would become if there is such influx of new public transport user.

This complain wasn’t new to me. But someone whom I do not know, complaining to me at that situation was indeed a rare sight. I understand his frustration and wanting to voice it out to me.  I share his his view which I had already foresee sometime back. But not wanting to make his day worst, before I alight, I turn around and greeting him good bye and wishing him a good day ahead. I hope this will make his day, at least his voice was heard 🙂

I’ll begin my after thoughts on this issue in my next post.

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