Sun Tzi Art of Treachery

Pertaining to my previous post on the local public transport situation.

I set me thinking along the Sun Tzi Art of War.
Imagine you a fighting a war and wants to lead your enemy to a terrain of your favor.
You will set up obstacles to cause them to may a make diversion. Where you will then ambush and attack them take advantage of what you have create.

Lets take a look at the scenario

ERPs & COEs are like obstacles to channel some drivers into public commuters.
Public Transport thus having enough commuters to maintain their revenues.

However one knowing that it is a trap, we walk in voluntarily.
The grass is not even Greener, No promise to increase the efficiency or frequency or fares of the transport?
In fact I observe the followings.

Air-con dripping
Air-con not cooling
EZlink card reader not working
No mobile TV?
Double decker seats indicator not working
Bus driver alight commuters far away from bus stop.

All I can say is…Sun Tzi Art of War Treachery really works!

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