Shows I’ve watch recently that goes….”WHO”….

I caught a few shows recently like “Horton hears a WHO” and “Over her dead body”

Over her dead body was nothing to shout about. Instead I find Horton to be a good show. He is one funny elephant with a big heart. It was a touching story of how Horton fight and go against the law of the jungle to protect what he believes…. a living speck.

Its the spirit of how people go against your believes or ideas and you stood by it and did not sway to their criticism. Oh..Jim Carey is voice behind Horton!

I also mange to get my hands on the “Secret Diary of a Call Girl”
Its quite an interesting show of how an escort, whore, prostitute*in any name you might want to call* lives her lives. Very proactive scenes and it not for the minor! 8 episodes in total…caught only 2….heheh rushing back after work to catch the remaining 4. Something for a change after watching too much HK & US tv series!

BTW Boston Legal still rocks….Danny Crane!

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