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My Photography

I’ve been spending quite some time reading on Photography articles and also..hehe..snaping around.

There are some many things to master and every time I sought of grasp it…I always think…hmm..NEED to UPGRADE my Camera & Lens to acheive better results. BBB poison!

As I’ve recently acquire a FF prime lens..and hehe I’m looking forward to acquire a FF camera. No so soon..but until I have quite a collection of lens first. Shooting at Hort park was fun! Will shoot there again!

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The Godfather

This song is so beautiful!!…

OK..I’m not a hardcore fan of Godfather. But this movie do inspire me in one way or another. Maybe they should have the “The Godfather Trilogy” Movie Marathon!
I swear I’ll go for it!

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Gung Ho Panda!

Wanted to watch Zohan…but i know Nana is eying for the panda for a long time. Okie….Panda then!

Muahah….Its really a nice show! Kudos to Nana for the recomendation! The Secret Ingredient is actually “XXXXXXX” Kaoz….cliche but neat! Just like life!

Anyway….not sure if its the same for all Cathay..But the one at causeway point sux!

U queue and buy ya drink at the same counter!Which is to say….if you buy ya tickets early….u need to queue up again to buy ya drinks and tidbits! Argh,,,,,irritating!!!

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Time Management

I decided to have it over lunch. The rest claim its VERY rush!

Me: I have it planned and the timing is perfectly fine.
Others: No la, Very rush…not enough time one!
Me: “I list out the timing for them” bla bla bla..this time do what..and that time do what!
Others: No la, very rush…not enough time one *repeat again*
Me: Okie which part of it do not have enough time?
Others: *silence*
Me: You see, I plan it out and gave allowance for each task and yet can’t tell me which part went wrong.
Me: I don’t plan to screw up the day, people who don’t have time are people who worry to much and wait for things to happen..that is why they are in a rush..because they are waiting for the unexpected to happen!
Others: *silence*

Sometimes seeking opinion from others could be a waste of time especially when it comes to time management! Argh..

I’m quite detailed in my time management…keywork is “detailed” but at time i don’t really follow it closely.
Well….at the end of the day, as long as the objective is met, its all that matters.

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Movie Marathon

I’m exposed to a number of love movies over the weekend. *ahem* Also non love movies too!

Definitely, Maybe
I like “Definitely, Maybe” most. The act of the father narrating his love life to his daughter and with the support of his daughter, he went to pursue the love of his life. In his narration of his love life, he changes all the name of the girls except the love of his life. This is kind of sweet, to me its like the whole world could change except my love for her…and her name shall etch in my heart and memory!!

Chaos Theory
Chaos Theory is interesting where how in one is in Chaos, do u understand love from hate!
Like I’ve always thought, U never know what or how u would react when accident happens. of course we can list out the possibility but we can never imagine our own reaction!

Dan in real Life
Heartwarming father kids and new mom relationship.

*Charlie Bartlett”
Charlie….Charlie…Charlie…. Damn he is one smart ass who knows how to make money out of situation. But then…he is 2nd to who I like in the show. His mum is my favorite character, I simply love her stlye and attitude towards educating Charlie. Story is about boy seek attention…and boy gets the attention he wants, Its really about how he goes about doing it. Worth the watch!

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Passion Run & Passionate Peeps!

Body me and Bob completed the 15km passion run at ECP yesterday…oh our Nana completed 10km.
Nana’s body is aching throughout..haha.ask u exercise regularly u dun want! Now suffer e consequences~

We all feel great after e run….adjourn to Bedok food center to have or breakfast before heading back home to ZzzZzz.

Meet up with e #nonsense peeps at Marriot cafe for a gathering cum my post B’day celebration. The turnout…11 adults and a baby! next few gathering…we might need to have few more baby seats. Haha. How time flies where all of us were still single and sitting infront of the PC IRCing our nights out! Those we the days.

And Jul, if you r reading this. lets have another BBQ session at your place. We can have pot luck again…and ask ya Maria to do all the dirty job for the aftermath! HAHA.

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Singapore Flyer

I finally took it. I must say the design of the place is quite cool….I’m so going there for some photography moments.

$29 for 30mins of ride is quite an experience especially if u do it in the evening. I think the best time to take the ride is between 7:15pm to 7:45pm. This is where your will get to see the nice dark blue sky followed by the magnificent night scape. Oh..they also suck another $15 for the photos…Super imposed into the capsule though… But its worth the memory n monies!

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