Time Management

I decided to have it over lunch. The rest claim its VERY rush!

Me: I have it planned and the timing is perfectly fine.
Others: No la, Very rush…not enough time one!
Me: “I list out the timing for them” bla bla bla..this time do what..and that time do what!
Others: No la, very rush…not enough time one *repeat again*
Me: Okie which part of it do not have enough time?
Others: *silence*
Me: You see, I plan it out and gave allowance for each task and yet can’t tell me which part went wrong.
Me: I don’t plan to screw up the day, people who don’t have time are people who worry to much and wait for things to happen..that is why they are in a rush..because they are waiting for the unexpected to happen!
Others: *silence*

Sometimes seeking opinion from others could be a waste of time especially when it comes to time management! Argh..

I’m quite detailed in my time management…keywork is “detailed” but at time i don’t really follow it closely.
Well….at the end of the day, as long as the objective is met, its all that matters.

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