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Son of Rambow

Watched Son of Rambow yesterday….. Hmm….it was rather plain and dry at the begining but things turn interesting towards the ending. Kids might be just kids….but the action behind them are quite meaningful and real.

It makes me wanna watch Lord of the Flies…not sure if I can still get them in stores…else i would have to settle for the book!

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Restraint & Removal Seminar: The Aiki Concept

I’ll be going for the seminar. I would recommended everyone interested in martial air to attend it.
It will be useful for those with and without martial art background.
Anyone interested can let me know….i might be able to get some discount for those interested in the 2 days course.
The Aiki Concept

Restraint & Removal Seminar: The Aiki Concept

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Little things about me

Shots I took that is about me……

The hair wax I use

The perfume I use

Little toys I made

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Coffee Talk

Had a interesting talk with my workers during our coffee talk a hour ago.

We were discussing about “GOD” and Henry shared his experience on his account with God. At a period of time(1year) he was reading the bible day and night. He explained how the bible was like a chronicles but a puzzle where things will fit togther when you seek the truth behind it. WHAa…very Da Vici siah!!!!

He cited that some point, he start having “virtuality experience” of the path taken by Jesus follower when they travelled from place to place to spread the teaching of Jesus. He “experience” the scorching sun burnt and body aches from travelling across the deserts. WHAAA…de ja vu!

Also he mention that he also experience satan speaking and disturbing him. He realise he is near enlightenment  and therefore…satan is out to ruin his journey.

Quite a experience eh????

Well….he also shared some verse from the bible and explain what they actually mean. WHA….some knowledge gain!!!!

OKie….i’m not trying to be duchebag here. But…at of the day…what i gather was…why do people seek gods teaching? It is “actually to have eternal life! Like wat everyone does…to seek “imortality” or “eternal life”

I asked myself…what is it that i did not seek in “god” or any other name u might call it! I don’t see the life/experience after death. What is there for me I seek.

What i seek is tomorrow!! Tomorrow.. can i try this …can i try that! thats what i seek!

Perhaps…like a lost or forsaken lamb….I’m still wandering in WONDERland!


One last one from another worker..when we seek G O D is like we see for ” Gift of Death”
neat eh!!!

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The WEED temptation!

Having watch Harold & Kumar 2 over the week end!!! There is just so much sex and drugs in it….and I’m really tempted to try out the WEEDS in Amsterdam! The feeling of getting HIGH…..! *ahem* ok this is really not for the underage….

Anyway Nana explain how much my character or habits resemble that of Kumar. Eh…Kumar is cool right?  oh yeah…I remeber he is SMART kid!…NOW… I’m so proud of myself. LOL

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DIY Photography

Been reading alot of DIY photo studio..and I finally found time to built my own DIY Light Tent.
I also played around with the white balance to acheive the desired result…hehe…the picture turns out quite OK.

Just that I blew a bulb..there goes 3bucks…I’ll try those energy saving bulb this weekend. See if I can acheive better results. Will try to post my pictures when I’m back home. Oh well…i usually blog during in my work place..haha.

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Brother to another Wedding

I became the brother to a friend wedding again. Like any weddings i’ve gone thru the “sisters” are always hard to tackle. I’ll not say I’m good at but…hahhah..i’ve got experience hadling many kinds of situations.

Okie..the sisters a side. What was shocking for the wedding was..When we reaching the car park of the bride’s house. We horn to make our presence known. *ahem* thats a traditional. But little did we know we r expecting something  out of the NORM happening!

What happen was……………………. some bloody #$%@^% farker threw an egg down and hit our car! KNNBPCB…..was wat Bob shouted. We coun’t identify which household threw the egg down!

NEXT…one DAD from the 2nd story shouted at us and give us the hell of a lecture. Bob still being traumatize by the egg that hit his car rebuke back by asking hit to make a police report since he could see our number plate.

THE POINT OF MY STORY IS….what kind of sick place is SERANGOON? Why is the community so SICK BRAIN!!
Are there some much singles or divorce or broken family living around there that hated marriage this much that they have to crash it!
KNNz,,,,this is definietely one hell of a wedding I’ll remember for a long long time!

Sigh…….1 quote i came up with for this wedding….always a brother never the groom! mauahhaa!

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MY…Life with Computers

I’m begining to feel that I’m so tied up with things that everyday seems to have alot of things to do.
Help Fix xxx PC
Attend XXX
Arrange XXX

Everyday I’m busy helping fixing peoples problems…that I have deprived of my own time.
Every weekend I’m like rushing fix this PC and that PC. okie…fixing PC is what I do outside my job. in fact I’m rather good kind at it that I always got referred around by my friends and customers. And recently.. i have lots of P and notebook coming in to be fixed! Sigh…and if its not cost effective to get certain parts to be replaced..They leaved the PC at my home for good! room has like 10pc now! LOL…

Like wat my abs says…i’m like a mama shop to her…..she call me for all sorts of shits!

Seriously…at time I feel like stopping all these PC fixing thingy…BUT…however….whenever someone called and said he/she need to pc badly…my heart goes soft and I agree to have the pc fixed!

…I WANT TO BE A CRUEL MAN……coz today i got told off by nana for consoling a crying friend! EOL…

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Diablo 3

Diablo 3 will be out!! YEAH….but only in 2010…DAMN!

I’m quite addicted to Diablo 2 L.O.D… In fact I made some money out of it. Haha.I can’t wait for D3 to be released. I can do MF & make some money again! haha.

There are only few computer games I’m addicted to and they are the followings:

1) Diablo 2 LOD
2) Utopia
3) Winning Eleven
4) Baren Realm Elite (BBS)
5) Legend Of the Red Dragon (BBS)

In case you are wondering wats BBS…its actually “Bulletin Board Service”
They go way back before INTERNET! haha!! I’m an Old Geek if u think so!

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