Diablo 3

Diablo 3 will be out!! YEAH….but only in 2010…DAMN!

I’m quite addicted to Diablo 2 L.O.D… In fact I made some money out of it. Haha.I can’t wait for D3 to be released. I can do MF & make some money again! haha.

There are only few computer games I’m addicted to and they are the followings:

1) Diablo 2 LOD
2) Utopia
3) Winning Eleven
4) Baren Realm Elite (BBS)
5) Legend Of the Red Dragon (BBS)

In case you are wondering wats BBS…its actually “Bulletin Board Service”
They go way back before INTERNET! haha!! I’m an Old Geek if u think so!

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