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1 min, 2 mins, 5 mins…

Here is a discovery Nana made…and I think its worthwhile sharing it.

When you ask someone from  America/Europes to check on something, they will usually reply with:
Give me a Min!

When you ask someone from India to check on something, they will usually reply with:
Give me 2mins! why? 1 indian explain that 1 min is never enough, therefore 2mins!

When you ask someone form singapore to check on something. they will usually reply with:
Give me 5mins! And usually they will take like 10-30mins to get back to you!

Funny eh? Therefore if you were to relate his to efficiency or puntuality..*ahem* you know what i mean 🙂

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Forgetting Sarah Marshall

My initial intepretetion of the show was….hmm…who doesn’t when ya GF is hot.
Then again…HOT so what…nothing beats meeting someone who your heart can throb for..Its heart not DICK!

Nana interpretation of the show was…..Man sleeps around after the break up. Muahaha..I laugh at that statement!

Okie…this sleeps around thing lead me to another conversation I had with Nana over the national day rally. We were like DUHZ is Singaporean man so helpless an clueless about dating and getting a women!  So my comment was, Singapore should be happy that there are man like me and B. Nana then commented, women would be happy if there are more man like me than B! Muahha….I’m flattered!

okie I know…self praise is no praise. Anyway..Both Me and B are good men, liek the song goes “I can’t give u anything….but my my love” hmm..or was it “I can give you everything..but my love” *wink*

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Made of Honor

Made Maid of Honor
I find it quite romantic,  I think I understand the feeling of fearing to loose a friend and decide not to pursuit ya own happiness for that particular reason. Such sweet sorrow!

Sometime the fear of losing keep us from progressing! I’ve learn to give up and make sacrifices! sigh…

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Yahoo! Auctions in Singapore will be retiring.

WTF……Yahoo Auction !! I’m speechless…sigh…now I have look for else where to do so shopping and selling!

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A story of 2 Guinea Piggy @ Cavy

Linda’s 2 guinea pigs gave birth to 3 lovely baby guniea piggies!! *ahem* There is a bewlidered story behind Linda’s 2 guniea pigs!  Haha….I shall hereby tell the stroy of the 2 guinea pigs.

Linda had 1 male guinea pig, so does WK
Linda decides to kidnap WK male guinea pig
Linda cage the 2 guinea pig together in her room
Linda’s 2 guinea pig eat, sleep, play all day long
Linda’s decide to keep the 2 guinea pig outdoor
Linda made a discovery while cleaning their cage, ONE of the had a BIG Tummy!
Linda made a gender sex on both of the presume male guinea pigs
Linda got a shock, the BIG tummy guinea pig was pregnant!
Linda’s family was delight as Linda is going to be a GRANNY!
Linda’s 2 guinea pig finally gave birth to 3 little ones
Linda is living happily ever after with the 5 guineas pigs.

One day came Nana.
Nana decide to kidnap adopt 2 baby guinea pigs form Linda
Nana is so excited about the 2 new guinea that a pretty DIY cage was made for them
Nana will bring home the 2 baby guinea pig home tomorrow.
Nana is now awaiting for tomorrow to come.

End of story~

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