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Something I did to celebrate singapore F1 race!

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Sporty Days ahead!

Was a tiring week, played badminton on Tuesday & Scoocer on Saturday!

Both sports which I have not been i suffer the fate or minor aches..Phew…Lucky for the warm ups..else it could be worst!

However I do feel great that I’m getting to excercise again! Oh well..there goes my Tuesday & Saturday…all for the sake of a healthy living :)…of coz not forgeting my photography!

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Yellow Ribbon

Many might hate me…however many might also love me for this post!

I think this year yellow project is a BULL SHIT!!!

Prejudice! DUHZ…the advertiser is so STEROTYPE!

Whats with a yellow ribbon at the back of a tattoo man suppose to mean?
Those with tattoo r baddies? Koaz! If this isn’t stereotype …then it is call labeling!

the ad is all over the place….its wrongfully educating  the kids and those weak minded to think to be stereotype!

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My heart is filled with bliss…however my BUTTS nad WRSIT are aching!
Thats when I stop playing badminton for 1year! Ouch!

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Oh…..I’m getting married 🙂

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Nip Tuck Season 3

I’ve watch Nip Tuck season 1 and 2 like few months back. I’m finally back to it…catching season 3!

Damn….I really take my hats off the script writer. The plot really get into you. I hope I have to to catch season 4 this coming weekend!

Beauty is a curse.

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