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Self Reflection

Trying to set my New Year Resolution for 2009

Will also append those outstanding from 2008 resolution..hehe

Stay tune for the  NEW resoultion~

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Self made System

I think as we age…we start to implement some system to keep us on track!

Some may call it daily routine..i call it self made system!
I think its the fear of losing track what to do and keeping us on track so that we won’t go wrong!

Perhaps a sign of old age! haha

Oh…nana mention that I’m a excitement seeker…I get distracted easily!

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New Home

Shifted some stuffs to Toh’s warehouse..and got myself all tired during the weekend! No ache though..thanks to regular exercising! hehe!

BTW…If all went well….I’ll be shifting hse by 2009 CNY!

However…I’m have the least excitment in my new hse…sigh…nothing really excites me know!

My andreneline is  running low…I’m steping into mid-life crisis! Muahaha….I’m finally OLD!

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1st X’Mas Party

Its sure a supprise when Mum suggested a X’mas party! I think she get us all excited coz…its the first time we goona actually have a X’mas party at HOME! yes HOME!

So I made a few suggestions…

1) Pot Luck,,,,each family bring some food to eat! so we the HOST do not have to prepare!!!!
2) Gift exchange…. those who wanna gift exchange get a gift around $10. No Gift no Exchange!
3) No Chocolate as GIFT!!! LOL!!!
4) We decor the hse! Linda is thinking of getting a X’mas Tree! Mum want to pimp her chinese plastic plant into a X’mas tree!!!…its gonna be PIMP MY X”MAS TREE!!!

Few of my relatives have sign up!! haha..guess that is gonna be a NOISY X’mas at HOME! Well…previous  X’mas has been quiet for the family…due to…no one at home …only the folks! LOL…else is sleeping due to X’mas count down hang over~~

Ho Ho Ho…Merry X’mas!

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Honey Mooney

Its been weeks since the wedding and haha…time flies!
Some adjustment need to be made since I’m married..meaning..Need to spend more time with my MOHA!

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