1st X’Mas Party

Its sure a supprise when Mum suggested a X’mas party! I think she get us all excited coz…its the first time we goona actually have a X’mas party at HOME! yes HOME!

So I made a few suggestions…

1) Pot Luck,,,,each family bring some food to eat! so we the HOST do not have to prepare!!!!
2) Gift exchange…. those who wanna gift exchange get a gift around $10. No Gift no Exchange!
3) No Chocolate as GIFT!!! LOL!!!
4) We decor the hse! Linda is thinking of getting a X’mas Tree! Mum want to pimp her chinese plastic plant into a X’mas tree!!!…its gonna be PIMP MY X”MAS TREE!!!

Few of my relatives have sign up!! haha..guess that is gonna be a NOISY X’mas at HOME! Well…previous  X’mas has been quiet for the family…due to…no one at home …only the folks! LOL…else is sleeping due to X’mas count down hang over~~

Ho Ho Ho…Merry X’mas!

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