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Soccer Match

Lost 4-5 for todays match. Have to try harder next time! Argh…..

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Caught him in the act!

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Bird Park – non bird series

Haha..I can’t just be shooting birds there… I shoot what ever that catches my attention.
Some more photos to take up the extra bandwidth~

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Jurong Bird Park 2009

Its been couple of years since my last vist to Jurong Bird Park. Was there with Nana for some exercise…
LOL…Nana is dead tired after the visit. We shall pay a visit to the zoo some time SOON!

Below are some shot taken yesterday~

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Keeping Fit

My fellow badminton kakis are calling¬† time off for the time being meaning I no longer have my weekly¬† “sweaty” night!

Hmmm..knowing the importance of keeping fot and that my ICT is coming. I started my exercise routine last week.
Had a swim with Nana last week and this week..We had another swimming n jogging session!

Oh..below are some the the pics I took yesterday!

Took think shot hand held, this bugger was swaying with the wind. Argh..

Was told this was an assassin bug. He was caught attempting a murder.

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Sinful Food Cravings

I had weird cravings nowadays..they are like

Durians (Is the season here already?)
Cuttle fish (I bought a packet yesterday)
Pigs trotters (which I just had for lunch today!!!!!)

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Home PC

Finally shifted the final remaining of my IT equipment to my new nest!

Yeah..My main PC is finally setup! And the nightmare is begining….haha as u can see
I have like 20 harddisk! YES TWENTY! I’m gonna test their if they r still working..and completely dismantle destroy them! I wouldn’t want to take the risk to discard them and let someone extract the data!

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