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Sigh…..must admit that I’m really old and lazy!

I  have not been training regularly and my stamina is really lacking in me. Why..i did badly in my 10km run yestersay! Yeah…I crawled!!!!!!! not physically though..but my pace is as good as crawling!

I SWEAR that I will start my regular running and get my stamina back for the Stand Chart run!!! Argh!!! Cheong ah!!!

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Chicken Rice Cravings

I’ve been craving for chicken rice for the past months. Whenever I step into a new food center I’ll attempt their chicken rice. Also whenever I eaten some lousy ones, the very next day I’ll go to my favorite stall to remember back  the taste of a good chicken rice.

This craving have added some extras weight to me.. Argh..worst still the SBR is just a few weeks away!

Time for a chicken run!

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