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Aging Society

I think we all know Singapore is now an aging society. But did we know that our trees have age too?

Yeah…we might not notice, but I notice that in recent years there are more cases of dead fall, tress uprooted due to weather causing accidents and inconvenience to many! Yes, trees in Singapore are aging too! We need to take care of them! Also be careful when u r driving…u can’t claim insurance for being hit by a tree…can u? haha act of god! Nah.. Npark got it all covered ๐Ÿ™‚

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Writing a blog

I watch The Vampire Diaries and realize that i’ve sidetrack when updating my blog. The initial reason I blog was to express what I feel. Lately…I ain’t expressing and voicing out that much. I guess I’m getting lazy by the min.

Therefore I’ll try to blog my views as much as possible. It might not make sense to some or many of you. But I guess its only right that you do not be too bother by it.

I must admit I’m not a very good son! I think I’m just not good yet! but today I’ll be touching on a very sensitive topic. Parenting &ย  filial piety!

I think the traditional way of bringing up a child in Singapore is a little WRONG.

Why? Singaporean parent r just selfish. They brought up a kid hopping that they will take care of them when they r old? Do u need is their companion or their monies? Think again!

Yes the children have all grown up and parents think that its only right that they give them $$$ and take care of them? If u have raise ya child up that he is not giving u the $$$ and the care u need. U have failed!

WHAT I always believe is the bond between the parent and kids will make the kids want to take care of his/her parents! if they ain’t doing that u as the parent have failed!U didn’t bond with ya kid!

A parent failed even badly if they r only capable ofย  making a living via the $$$$ from their kids. Bad parenting I must said…the kids will just be like u waiting for their kids for support!

In my views, kids and parents should be 2 entire entity! We support them till they r capable to make a living them self. Of coz there is a dead line ๐Ÿ™‚ U dun leech on ya parent! If they contribute $$$ back to the parents..Good for the parents…else the $$$ is better off with the kids! WHY??? We all know… we need $$$ to make $$$$, if u kids dun have enough $$$ how could he make more $$$$?

As parent, they also have to save up for old age. So what if u kids give u $$$ monthly, if they meet with an accident, u r dead meat too if u r fully dependent on them!

Enough said…that should give u an idea of my views abt parenting and filial piety!

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A whole new life ahead

A whole new life or lifestyle is waiting ahead of me. Wasn’t sure if I’m suppose to be excited coz i’m just not showing it!
However deep inside me…..I’m glad its happening! Am I prepared? hah! I’m not quite sure too, I just make sure I need to get use to it and enjoy the process and embrace every moment of it.

No idea what i’m talking about? Time will tell!

Side track a little…

I guess many have seen the TV commercial or video showing a ballerina spinning. Asking if we are seeing her spinning clockwise or anti clockwise . I’m getting a little irritated by this ad coz, I’m seeing different version of it every time I took a glance away from it. It means….I’m seeing her spinning in clockwise this very second and next she is spinning in an anti clockwise direction! Argh… My brain is just malfunctioning or I’m simply working too hard!

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