A whole new life ahead

A whole new life or lifestyle is waiting ahead of me. Wasn’t sure if I’m suppose to be excited coz i’m just not showing it!
However deep inside me…..I’m glad its happening! Am I prepared? hah! I’m not quite sure too, I just make sure I need to get use to it and enjoy the process and embrace every moment of it.

No idea what i’m talking about? Time will tell!

Side track a little…

I guess many have seen the TV commercial or video showing a ballerina spinning. Asking if we are seeing her spinning clockwise or anti clockwise . I’m getting a little irritated by this ad coz, I’m seeing different version of it every time I took a glance away from it. It means….I’m seeing her spinning in clockwise this very second and next she is spinning in an anti clockwise direction! Argh… My brain is just malfunctioning or I’m simply working too hard!

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  1. 1

    Old Beng said,

    A new Family member? Congrats!

  2. 2

    lililately said,

    I have no Idea how I found your blog. I think I stumbled upon it. Visit my site. Lili Lately This is not I spam comment I promise. I thought your site was interesting. I might subscribe.

  3. 3

    onethefool said,

    Old Beng > hehe Right On!

    lililately> Thanks for dropping by, I’ll visit ya blog 🙂

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