Writing a blog

I watch The Vampire Diaries and realize that i’ve sidetrack when updating my blog. The initial reason I blog was to express what I feel. Lately…I ain’t expressing and voicing out that much. I guess I’m getting lazy by the min.

Therefore I’ll try to blog my views as much as possible. It might not make sense to some or many of you. But I guess its only right that you do not be too bother by it.

I must admit I’m not a very good son! I think I’m just not good yet! but today I’ll be touching on a very sensitive topic. Parenting &  filial piety!

I think the traditional way of bringing up a child in Singapore is a little WRONG.

Why? Singaporean parent r just selfish. They brought up a kid hopping that they will take care of them when they r old? Do u need is their companion or their monies? Think again!

Yes the children have all grown up and parents think that its only right that they give them $$$ and take care of them? If u have raise ya child up that he is not giving u the $$$ and the care u need. U have failed!

WHAT I always believe is the bond between the parent and kids will make the kids want to take care of his/her parents! if they ain’t doing that u as the parent have failed!U didn’t bond with ya kid!

A parent failed even badly if they r only capable of  making a living via the $$$$ from their kids. Bad parenting I must said…the kids will just be like u waiting for their kids for support!

In my views, kids and parents should be 2 entire entity! We support them till they r capable to make a living them self. Of coz there is a dead line 🙂 U dun leech on ya parent! If they contribute $$$ back to the parents..Good for the parents…else the $$$ is better off with the kids! WHY??? We all know… we need $$$ to make $$$$, if u kids dun have enough $$$ how could he make more $$$$?

As parent, they also have to save up for old age. So what if u kids give u $$$ monthly, if they meet with an accident, u r dead meat too if u r fully dependent on them!

Enough said…that should give u an idea of my views abt parenting and filial piety!

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