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They say that as you get older you tend to sleep less. Not sure how true it is, but whatever it is I think its taking effect on me!
I can’t seems to sleep more than 6hrs or so. The bloody in-built alarm clock seems to wake me up daily whenever 6hrs is up.
Even though I had a couple of drink or no matter how much exerciseI had done that day … it just keep waking me up! ARgh….

Well.. here I am.  in the middle of the night typing this post coz I slept at 7pm and my in-built alarm clock just woke me up at 1am!! Argh… again!


Was suppose to shut down the company from last Thursday till this Tuesday for the festive holiday, but apparently alot of things r happening and I’m forced volunteered to come back during Friday and Monday to help settle some stuffs. I’m a workaholic I think!


Went lunching with Nana of Friday at Pan Pac and I think Nana loves the food there. I think we will make it a monthly event to dine there just to try out the culinary skills from their different chef there. Great food  with great presentation.. Thumbs up from me! Oh.. not to mention their homemade bread is extremely tasty and no bread came close to it after that!

Anyway I’ll also plan to bring Nana to try the food out at Pontini and Top of the M. I hope Nana will like the food there too!


After lunch, we went photo shooting with my new toy and Nana is my model for the day. I’m still a noob in DSLR photography and I took a awfully long time just to get the correct setting. OK maybe not so correct after all. I’ve develop some of the photos and it comes out OK..but not jaws dropping! It lack of some punch. I seriously need to brush my skills up so I can’t wait to start the DSLR classes and get some serious tips.


I’ll attempt to get some sleep again and hopefully it I can get another 6hrs of sleep….. anyone knows how to kill in in-built alarm clock besides killing me?

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Hmm…some of my friends have been dreaming lately. Not too long ago Abbs dream of me, and I too dream of her. And this morning, I received a sms from Cindy, saying that she dream of me last night and to call her once I saw the msg! Whaa paing…. U are a married women…. please try not to have such dreams can? Anyway I was quite curious what she dream of?

She said that we were out on a gathering and I told her that I’m getting married next March! I was like Duhz!!! You really wish that I get married soon right? Oh my gosh….with so many wedding bells ringing she have to dream of these? LOL

Wonder what signal am I getting and who is it from!! If I were no get marry…..none will be spare…u will all be in my list of honorable guest! *wink*

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Wedding Bells

Like the title says its gonna be a post on wedding, but I ain’t the one ringing the bells.

Since December 2007!!! I’ve attended 3 wedding function, 1 lunch & 2 dinner. My weekend was pack, I’ve to push away a few task on hand which I had plan to do because it.

I must say, its just a joyous December when the holidays r not even here yet. This December is jus gonna burn away with celebrations. 3 wedding in 2 weekends is striking some cords in me. To me wedding dinner are always so joyous but behind or after it, I often heard complaints about things being different after marriage. Love isn’t as expected as before. Whaa… I really think I got phobia in marriage perhaps the lack of confidence that I can be a good husband. Hmm…or I should say, I doubt I’ll still be appreciated as a husband. Sometimes when environment changes, people changes and expectation rises. The pursuit to meet everyone expectation is just not for me. At times I just can’t be bothered about it. If U ain’t happy, go away and carry on with another life w/o me then! I’m just a wicked man. Sigh…sad to say!

enough babbling…perhaps I’m still waiting for a love to get me home.

Enjoy the video or song.

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I missed the Marathon. I’ve just recovered from my

  1. flu
  2. fever
  3. cough
  4. sore throat

Its really terrible have to go trough these… visit mt GP twice and at the end force to take antibiotics. Argh… I hate them!
Anyway, its a busy week ahead and a month of celebrations. So many public holiday and so many weddings function to attend. Attended my cousin’s wedding lunch over the weekend and its a wedding with a significance. Its the 1st wedding after 7 to 8 years since another cousin wedding. Thats why I have to attend it even when I’m suppose to be at home resting.

Its at Coleman street….and its like just a street away form the marathon finishing line…sigh…so near yet so far!

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Christmas Tree

Was think about buying a Christmas Tree. Its so much fun decorating it and sitting at your cozy sofa admiring it while it blinks. Then came in the fact the Clement will terrorize the tree and the deco. Ok Bad idea….bad doggie! Plan abolish.

A sudden thought then came to me, is there a Christmas tree decorating competition? where contestant are all given the same material and within a time limit, which ever team can best decorate the tree win a prize? Some organizer who are reading my blog please have this implement and invite me to join? *wink* I can thus decorate a Christmas and not having  have Clement terrorize it. 🙂

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Christmas outside Singapore

I’m looking at celebrating Christmas & maybe outside Singapore. All along it has been parties or gatherings with friends.
I wanna try it  in a foreign land this year, something special and worth remembering. Have a taste of how Christmas or New Year is being celebrated!

Any suggestions?

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