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Gong Xi Fa Cai

yo yo…Happy Chinese New Year!!

Mood is pretty stale during the CNY…during visiting…i realize that the  goodies ain’t as much as previous. However my house parent’s hse is still loaded with stuffs! We had like 2 steamboat and 1 teppanyaki at 1 go~ haha…imagine the number of guest we had!!!!

Oh..I went Genting on the 4th day of the CNY and I gave a big ang bao to uncle Lim! hehe u get wat i mean 🙂

Lastly 1 immediate resolution for this year would be….tame my temper!!!!!

Adios~ Usu~

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Digested CNY Goodies

Finally the CNY mood in me subside…. it was a busy and tiring CNY.

Before CNY eve

Prior to CNY work was piling and need to be settled before CNY eve, though company will be close 1day before CNY eve, I still had to go office…Arghh…WHY…coz I need to tidy me table….Its a MESS. I spend 2hrs shredding documents thats I’ve been keeping for years. Gosh..finally my table looks neat and tidy now 🙂

Didn’t shop much this year…coz no time to shop…did all my shopping during the the last 2 days of CNY eve. Phiang…. everywhere is so freaking PACK!

CNY Day 1

Went Nana hse to 拜年, then go over to Ah Gong’s hse to 拜年, the Wai Gong’s hse to 拜年!
By the time I reach home…I is damn tired.

CNY Day 2,3,4

Play Mahjong and cards with relatives. I think i break even in it.

CNY Day5

Went to help my mom’s company  to troubleshoot some PC problems. then go SLS to buy spare parts for my PC. My mobo died during CNY…there goes my Red packet $$!!

CNY Day 6

Start work loh…..but CNY mood. play cards with colleagues…

CNY Day 7

Lion Dance performance in office and then Company Lunch to Loh Hei! Play card again when back in office!
Email received in 2days— “20mails only” muahaha… thats like only a fraction of what i should receive daily.

Conclusion is…The rest are also slacking like me. LOL

Discussed with Nana and not wanting to “kuey shio” with the rest of the couples. We celebrated Valentine’s day on the 13th Feb. Dine at Pontini and I’m glad Nana like it…..hehe…. I think I’ve spoilt Nana’s tongue.

CNY Day8

Update blog….coz still cho bo’ing! LOL
One last thing….I didn’t visit any friends’ hse to 拜年. Why? don’t ask me why….coz thats another story to be told! shh…

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New Year Mood

I’m still in new year mood…will blog again once i digest those goodies I’ve eaten during the new year! Mean time HUAT ah!!!

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