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Drinking Session……with a twist!

The 1 scary part of wedding process that you wouldn’t know until u do it will be the part u have to personally deliver the invitation cards to your relatives! TIRING!!!!

I visited only like 5 relatives from my mum side and it took almost a whole day!
What u would not believe is that all stayed near 1 another but the time spend at each place is almost around 30mins. Doing some catching up and gossiping! *ahem*
During the visits i drank like…

1 bottle of 100plus
1 bottle of vitagen
1 packet of Chrysanthemum tea
1 glass of green tea
1packet of Milo

Whaa….thats many drinks in a DAY! its like CNY!!!

Next week the drinking session will continue…my dad’s side!

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Stress strikes while nearing the finishing line!

I know how stressful it can be while it “seems” like so many things to do and there is so “little” time.

To me…nothing beats time. We can’t even SAVE time! but what we can do it not do something to make time for other things!

I do not like to pick up a fight over small little things…however if u insist that all these small little thing lead to big things. Then be prepared on how BIG ..I can MAKE it TO BE! There is always room for discussion. Accept discussion positively please!! period!

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Went genting highland for a short getaway! The intention wass to escape the heat and the buzz in Singapore.
Woooo….such wonderful weather there!

*ahem* back to reality now…Well…I’m back in Singapore already. The rest/sleep I had over there wasn’t enough.
All my energy waste in a single DAY!!!!

I came back on Tuesday, and on Sat, I work form 9m-3pm, soccer from 5pm-7pm, mahjong from8:30 to 12mn!

I woke up the next day at 7am very tired man! Damn my non-adjustable internal alarm clock!


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Brother to another Wedding

I became the brother to a friend wedding again. Like any weddings i’ve gone thru the “sisters” are always hard to tackle. I’ll not say I’m good at but…hahhah..i’ve got experience hadling many kinds of situations.

Okie..the sisters a side. What was shocking for the wedding was..When we reaching the car park of the bride’s house. We horn to make our presence known. *ahem* thats a traditional. But little did we know we r expecting something¬† out of the NORM happening!

What happen was……………………. some bloody #$%@^% farker threw an egg down and hit our car! KNNBPCB…..was wat Bob shouted. We coun’t identify which household threw the egg down!

NEXT…one DAD from the 2nd story shouted at us and give us the hell of a lecture. Bob still being traumatize by the egg that hit his car rebuke back by asking hit to make a police report since he could see our number plate.

THE POINT OF MY STORY IS….what kind of sick place is SERANGOON? Why is the community so SICK BRAIN!!
Are there some much singles or divorce or broken family living around there that hated marriage this much that they have to crash it!
KNNz,,,,this is definietely one hell of a wedding I’ll remember for a long long time!

Sigh…….1 quote i came up with for this wedding….always a brother never the groom! mauahhaa!

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MY…Life with Computers

I’m begining to feel that I’m so tied up with things that everyday seems to have alot of things to do.
Help Fix xxx PC
Attend XXX
Arrange XXX

Everyday I’m busy helping fixing peoples problems…that I have deprived of my own time.
Every weekend I’m like rushing fix this PC and that PC. okie…fixing PC is what I do outside my job. in fact I’m rather good kind at it that I always got referred around by my friends and customers. And recently.. i have lots of P and notebook coming in to be fixed! Sigh…and if its not cost effective to get certain parts to be replaced..They leaved the PC at my home for good! room has like 10pc now! LOL…

Like wat my abs says…i’m like a mama shop to her…..she call me for all sorts of shits!

Seriously…at time I feel like stopping all these PC fixing thingy…BUT…however….whenever someone called and said he/she need to pc badly…my heart goes soft and I agree to have the pc fixed!

…I WANT TO BE A CRUEL MAN……coz today i got told off by nana for consoling a crying friend! EOL…

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Gung Ho Panda!

Wanted to watch Zohan…but i know Nana is eying for the panda for a long time. Okie….Panda then!

Muahah….Its really a nice show! Kudos to Nana for the recomendation! The Secret Ingredient is actually “XXXXXXX” Kaoz….cliche but neat! Just like life!

Anyway….not sure if its the same for all Cathay..But the one at causeway point sux!

U queue and buy ya drink at the same counter!Which is to say….if you buy ya tickets early….u need to queue up again to buy ya drinks and tidbits! Argh,,,,,irritating!!!

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Not worth a single min for 80mins


Guy injected with a poison that will kill him in 80mins
Unless he return within 80mins and return the debt he owe, he will be dead.

As luck would have him. along the 80mins crap things happen.

the show is not enticing at all…I dun have the adrenaline rush to see if he make it or not.
The crap that happen just happen for no god reason. Duhz

I prefer gone in 60seconds.¬† LOL…the extra 79mins is just too much for me~

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