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Hmm…some of my friends have been dreaming lately. Not too long ago Abbs dream of me, and I too dream of her. And this morning, I received a sms from Cindy, saying that she dream of me last night and to call her once I saw the msg! Whaa paing…. U are a married women…. please try not to have such dreams can? Anyway I was quite curious what she dream of?

She said that we were out on a gathering and I told her that I’m getting married next March! I was like Duhz!!! You really wish that I get married soon right? Oh my gosh….with so many wedding bells ringing she have to dream of these? LOL

Wonder what signal am I getting and who is it from!! If I were no get marry…..none will be spare…u will all be in my list of honorable guest! *wink*

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