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Jurong Bird Park 2009

Its been couple of years since my last vist to Jurong Bird Park. Was there with Nana for some exercise…
LOL…Nana is dead tired after the visit. We shall pay a visit to the zoo some time SOON!

Below are some shot taken yesterday~

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According to the calender..its Friday!

This week really zoom.

Its Friday today and its Nana company’s D&D. Too bad we didn’t win the logo contest, we lost due to “feng shui” muahah ironic it seems but I think it makes sense in certain way. Rather to believe then to ignore it.

Anyway, I’ll be on a solo mission tonight to go around town shooting. I bring my tripod along today so that I can do some night scape shooting. I should be shooting along Chinatown, Boat Quay& Clarke Quay. I think its gonna be funs as I’ll be shooting alone this time.. *grinz* free and easy

Oh…I postpone my Sony lessons to Feb as i received a RED BOMB again. Was from my ex colleague, she left to start her own business. It just isn’t easy starting ya own business… Hope you are doing well babe!! You go girl!

Talking about marriage….i remember the conversation I had with Toh. Haha…he is telling me not to think so much coz the more we think the less reason we have to get married. Muahah…..that coming from a married man. Okie…he is a committed man okie!

You see….it seems like all unnecessary things will suddenly becomes necessary after marriage.Things will be taken granted for w/o appreciation. Therefore I had an idea… SHE must list out the expectation from me….and I’ll let her know which is doable and which is not! Fair n Square right? hahhaa… therefore those not inside the list..shall be treated as good will 🙂

I’m selfish I know… but if this will help a marriage last why not… No one plan to fail…they only fail to plan 🙂

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Photography Day Out

Went photo shooting around Arab street on Saturday. Intended to go Chinatown by have to change to Arab street because I need to exchange  a faulty laptop RAM.

I think I’ve really improve on my shooting, shots turn out greater then expected. I only need to be familiar with the settings. I had to try and error  a few times before getting the settings right.

Aikido class started  that day and  more then expected crowd turn up for the demo. I must say I’m really impressed with the demo and the students who sign up. These student are really hardcore Aikido fans. They have practice Aikido before but wanted to persure it further in the Yoshinkan style. What surprise me even more was there they were a few foreigner who were working in Singapore signing up for the class, and there was this particular guy who was on a tour in Singapore pop by just to view the demo and chat with the sensei. Guess that all Aikido practitioner has something in common.

Kudos to Ramlan Sensei!


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They say that as you get older you tend to sleep less. Not sure how true it is, but whatever it is I think its taking effect on me!
I can’t seems to sleep more than 6hrs or so. The bloody in-built alarm clock seems to wake me up daily whenever 6hrs is up.
Even though I had a couple of drink or no matter how much exerciseI had done that day … it just keep waking me up! ARgh….

Well.. here I am.  in the middle of the night typing this post coz I slept at 7pm and my in-built alarm clock just woke me up at 1am!! Argh… again!


Was suppose to shut down the company from last Thursday till this Tuesday for the festive holiday, but apparently alot of things r happening and I’m forced volunteered to come back during Friday and Monday to help settle some stuffs. I’m a workaholic I think!


Went lunching with Nana of Friday at Pan Pac and I think Nana loves the food there. I think we will make it a monthly event to dine there just to try out the culinary skills from their different chef there. Great food  with great presentation.. Thumbs up from me! Oh.. not to mention their homemade bread is extremely tasty and no bread came close to it after that!

Anyway I’ll also plan to bring Nana to try the food out at Pontini and Top of the M. I hope Nana will like the food there too!


After lunch, we went photo shooting with my new toy and Nana is my model for the day. I’m still a noob in DSLR photography and I took a awfully long time just to get the correct setting. OK maybe not so correct after all. I’ve develop some of the photos and it comes out OK..but not jaws dropping! It lack of some punch. I seriously need to brush my skills up so I can’t wait to start the DSLR classes and get some serious tips.


I’ll attempt to get some sleep again and hopefully it I can get another 6hrs of sleep….. anyone knows how to kill in in-built alarm clock besides killing me?

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I’ll be getting my first DSLR. After much research from the net. I’ll be get a EOL model, the Alpha A100. I think its one of the best model in the amateur class. Although there is a saying “A poor workman always blame its tools”

I’m a total idiot when it comes to handling DSLR camera. I went to a few shops and tried handling them, i think everyone knows how to grab it. But when they put in the batteries…hahha… I dun even know which button to press and click to test the camera. But I do know about the some facts about aperture size and shutter speed. I do hope I’ll pick it up fast and start snapping some serious photos.

Anyway I’ll be shooting landscapes and some abstract.

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