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EMI cake “scammed” me!

I ordered a cake from emi cakes website and the banner states free 6x D24 durian puffs. Whaa free gifts, quite a deal! I placed and order online via credit card and got a confirmation call 1days later.

When they sent the cake, there wasn’t any durian puffs. WHY coz somewhere in their website stated that terms and conditions applies. Oh… now i have to search all over their site just too look for a clause!! THATS REAL USER FRIENDLY.

Oh durian puffs come when u purchase Mango Premium, I ordered a MANGO Premium *eggless* which is actually more costly. AND theseĀ  disallow my entitlement for the free durian puffs too. Oh gosh… so misleading.

I told them they just lost a CUSTOMER, and they told me they regretted for such incident… oh well sad to say the regret is all mine!! SCAMMER!!!!!!

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