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Forgetting Sarah Marshall

My initial intepretetion of the show was….hmm…who doesn’t when ya GF is hot.
Then again…HOT so what…nothing beats meeting someone who your heart can throb for..Its heart not DICK!

Nana interpretation of the show was…..Man sleeps around after the break up. Muahaha..I laugh at that statement!

Okie…this sleeps around thing lead me to another conversation I had with Nana over the national day rally. We were like DUHZ is Singaporean man so helpless an clueless about dating and getting a women!ย  So my comment was, Singapore should be happy that there are man like me and B. Nana then commented, women would be happy if there are more man like me than B! Muahha….I’m flattered!

okie I know…self praise is no praise. Anyway..Both Me and B are good men, liek the song goes “I can’t give u anything….but my my love” hmm..or was it “I can give you everything..but my love” *wink*

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Brother to another Wedding

I became the brother to a friend wedding again. Like any weddings i’ve gone thru the “sisters” are always hard to tackle. I’ll not say I’m good at but…hahhah..i’ve got experience hadling many kinds of situations.

Okie..the sisters a side. What was shocking for the wedding was..When we reaching the car park of the bride’s house. We horn to make our presence known. *ahem* thats a traditional. But little did we know we r expecting somethingย  out of the NORM happening!

What happen was……………………. some bloody #$%@^% farker threw an egg down and hit our car! KNNBPCB…..was wat Bob shouted. We coun’t identify which household threw the egg down!

NEXT…one DAD from the 2nd story shouted at us and give us the hell of a lecture. Bob still being traumatize by the egg that hit his car rebuke back by asking hit to make a police report since he could see our number plate.

THE POINT OF MY STORY IS….what kind of sick place is SERANGOON? Why is the community so SICK BRAIN!!
Are there some much singles or divorce or broken family living around there that hated marriage this much that they have to crash it!
KNNz,,,,this is definietely one hell of a wedding I’ll remember for a long long time!

Sigh…….1 quote i came up with for this wedding….always a brother never the groom! mauahhaa!

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MY…Life with Computers

I’m begining to feel that I’m so tied up with things that everyday seems to have alot of things to do.
Help Fix xxx PC
Attend XXX
Arrange XXX

Everyday I’m busy helping fixing peoples problems…that I have deprived of my own time.
Every weekend I’m like rushing fix this PC and that PC. okie…fixing PC is what I do outside my job. in fact I’m rather good kind at it that I always got referred around by my friends and customers. And recently.. i have lots of P and notebook coming in to be fixed! Sigh…and if its not cost effective to get certain parts to be replaced..They leaved the PC at my home for good! room has like 10pc now! LOL…

Like wat my abs says…i’m like a mama shop to her…..she call me for all sorts of shits!

Seriously…at time I feel like stopping all these PC fixing thingy…BUT…however….whenever someone called and said he/she need to pc badly…my heart goes soft and I agree to have the pc fixed!

…I WANT TO BE A CRUEL MAN……coz today i got told off by nana for consoling a crying friend! EOL…

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Passion Run & Passionate Peeps!

Body me and Bob completed the 15km passion run at ECP yesterday…oh our Nana completed 10km.
Nana’s body is aching throughout..haha.ask u exercise regularly u dun want! Now suffer e consequences~

We all feel great after e run….adjourn to Bedok food center to have or breakfast before heading back home to ZzzZzz.

Meet up with e #nonsense peeps at Marriot cafe for a gathering cum my post B’day celebration. The turnout…11 adults and a baby! next few gathering…we might need to have few more baby seats. Haha. How time flies where all of us were still single and sitting infront of the PC IRCing our nights out! Those we the days.

And Jul, if you r reading this. lets have another BBQ session at your place. We can have pot luck again…and ask ya Maria to do all the dirty job for the aftermath! HAHA.

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The Kite Runner

I finally watch it. Its such a touching show….its been a while since a show left such a impact on me. The earlier one is pursuit for happyness. But the kite runner bring back so many memories. I miss kite flying, i miss my neighborhood friends. Oh I shifter house like 8 times… so i lost many of them.

This show has show much to tell. How one silly act in your childhood was have such an impact in later life. I’m near to tearing but didn’t, instead Nana teared and thanks me for introducing the show.

Thumbs Up….I will watch it again ๐Ÿ™‚

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Preparation for WAR

Weather was pretty nasty during the 2weeks of my military service. It was either raining heavily or the sun is scorching our skins off. Of coz we were wearing long sleeves…but its still pretty bad.

Well..what I wanted to highlight wasn’t how harsh the climate or the terrain was nor even the training. I wanted to talk about the mentality of my fellow camp mates. Few tried to “snake” their way through finding excuse to skip train when some have the “NI” attitude “not interested” attitude.

I was at the low side of my morale…come on, they will be the one who will be fighting side by side with me in times of war. But not knowing their drills will put our fellow mates life at stake. We are dealing with bullets and explosives..its not a joking matter!

Even the commanders ain’t sure of the drill.. ..and this reminds me of a question my dad once pose to me. What would I do if my commander made us attempt a mission knowing that it will definitely FAIL! I reply was…follow his order and save your life. A solider was train to follow orders and protect his own life!

His reply. Shoot the commander and took over the troops. Look for better opportunity to do the mission! Whaa…. sounds like treason! but I kind of like the idea now ๐Ÿ™‚

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Happy New Year

Has been a hectic 2007… Both in Work, R/S & Game.

I need to flip back to my 2007 resolution and see whats being fulfilled and whats not. I know I’m a little late but its better then not doing anything at all.

Got a call from CC a few days ago and she was weeping over the phone will yakking with me. She was weeping because she can’t seems to be satisfied with what every she has and is always complaining about it. So I told her to reflect and be realistic in making her demands. If her current husband can’t provide what she wants, then she should stop complaining and look for someone who can. Coz there isn’t any reason to complain at something you knew would never change. If all those material needs is what she WANTS…. then she should start looking for a new husband..else she should just reflect on her needs and wants.

My conclusion on Marriage….argh…why jump into it when u have no confidence handling it. Life isn’t a bed of roses there are ups and downs. So dun be naive in only “hearing the good things”.


I’ve been busy battling in an online game. I’ve been playing for years and this tourney is really hardcore and time consuming. There isn’t room for loser and inactivity and I managing a bunch of players making sure that they took my orders seriously and making sure every attacks counts. Phew…am glad we made it round after round, have no confidence that my team will win, coz those OTHER guys out there are really awesome. hahah just like me ๐Ÿ™‚ opss

okie…enough babbling. Happy New Year.. and as usual…may this year be a better one the the previous ๐Ÿ™‚


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