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A story of 2 Guinea Piggy @ Cavy

Linda’s 2 guinea pigs gave birth to 3 lovely baby guniea piggies!! *ahem* There is a bewlidered story behind Linda’s 2 guniea pigs!  Haha….I shall hereby tell the stroy of the 2 guinea pigs.

Linda had 1 male guinea pig, so does WK
Linda decides to kidnap WK male guinea pig
Linda cage the 2 guinea pig together in her room
Linda’s 2 guinea pig eat, sleep, play all day long
Linda’s decide to keep the 2 guinea pig outdoor
Linda made a discovery while cleaning their cage, ONE of the had a BIG Tummy!
Linda made a gender sex on both of the presume male guinea pigs
Linda got a shock, the BIG tummy guinea pig was pregnant!
Linda’s family was delight as Linda is going to be a GRANNY!
Linda’s 2 guinea pig finally gave birth to 3 little ones
Linda is living happily ever after with the 5 guineas pigs.

One day came Nana.
Nana decide to kidnap adopt 2 baby guinea pigs form Linda
Nana is so excited about the 2 new guinea that a pretty DIY cage was made for them
Nana will bring home the 2 baby guinea pig home tomorrow.
Nana is now awaiting for tomorrow to come.

End of story~

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