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Self made System

I think as we age…we start to implement some system to keep us on track!

Some may call it daily routine..i call it self made system!
I think its the fear of losing track what to do and keeping us on track so that we won’t go wrong!

Perhaps a sign of old age! haha

Oh…nana mention that I’m a excitement seeker…I get distracted easily!

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Another kind of marathon

I’ll be going for  marathon tomorrow. its a marathon of another kind….hehe…A photo marathon.
Hopefully I get have a good grasp of the theme and come up with some good photos!


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Coffee Talk

Had a interesting talk with my workers during our coffee talk a hour ago.

We were discussing about “GOD” and Henry shared his experience on his account with God. At a period of time(1year) he was reading the bible day and night. He explained how the bible was like a chronicles but a puzzle where things will fit togther when you seek the truth behind it. WHAa…very Da Vici siah!!!!

He cited that some point, he start having “virtuality experience” of the path taken by Jesus follower when they travelled from place to place to spread the teaching of Jesus. He “experience” the scorching sun burnt and body aches from travelling across the deserts. WHAAA…de ja vu!

Also he mention that he also experience satan speaking and disturbing him. He realise he is near enlightenment  and therefore…satan is out to ruin his journey.

Quite a experience eh????

Well….he also shared some verse from the bible and explain what they actually mean. WHA….some knowledge gain!!!!

OKie….i’m not trying to be duchebag here. But…at of the day…what i gather was…why do people seek gods teaching? It is “actually to have eternal life! Like wat everyone does…to seek “imortality” or “eternal life”

I asked myself…what is it that i did not seek in “god” or any other name u might call it! I don’t see the life/experience after death. What is there for me I seek.

What i seek is tomorrow!! Tomorrow.. can i try this …can i try that! thats what i seek!

Perhaps…like a lost or forsaken lamb….I’m still wandering in WONDERland!


One last one from another worker..when we seek G O D is like we see for ” Gift of Death”
neat eh!!!

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MY…Life with Computers

I’m begining to feel that I’m so tied up with things that everyday seems to have alot of things to do.
Help Fix xxx PC
Attend XXX
Arrange XXX

Everyday I’m busy helping fixing peoples problems…that I have deprived of my own time.
Every weekend I’m like rushing fix this PC and that PC. okie…fixing PC is what I do outside my job. in fact I’m rather good kind at it that I always got referred around by my friends and customers. And recently.. i have lots of P and notebook coming in to be fixed! Sigh…and if its not cost effective to get certain parts to be replaced..They leaved the PC at my home for good! room has like 10pc now! LOL…

Like wat my abs says…i’m like a mama shop to her…..she call me for all sorts of shits!

Seriously…at time I feel like stopping all these PC fixing thingy…BUT…however….whenever someone called and said he/she need to pc badly…my heart goes soft and I agree to have the pc fixed!

…I WANT TO BE A CRUEL MAN……coz today i got told off by nana for consoling a crying friend! EOL…

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The Godfather

This song is so beautiful!!…

OK..I’m not a hardcore fan of Godfather. But this movie do inspire me in one way or another. Maybe they should have the “The Godfather Trilogy” Movie Marathon!
I swear I’ll go for it!

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The Kite Runner

I finally watch it. Its such a touching show….its been a while since a show left such a impact on me. The earlier one is pursuit for happyness. But the kite runner bring back so many memories. I miss kite flying, i miss my neighborhood friends. Oh I shifter house like 8 times… so i lost many of them.

This show has show much to tell. How one silly act in your childhood was have such an impact in later life. I’m near to tearing but didn’t, instead Nana teared and thanks me for introducing the show.

Thumbs Up….I will watch it again 🙂

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Shows I’ve watch recently that goes….”WHO”….

I caught a few shows recently like “Horton hears a WHO” and “Over her dead body”

Over her dead body was nothing to shout about. Instead I find Horton to be a good show. He is one funny elephant with a big heart. It was a touching story of how Horton fight and go against the law of the jungle to protect what he believes…. a living speck.

Its the spirit of how people go against your believes or ideas and you stood by it and did not sway to their criticism. Oh..Jim Carey is voice behind Horton!

I also mange to get my hands on the “Secret Diary of a Call Girl”
Its quite an interesting show of how an escort, whore, prostitute*in any name you might want to call* lives her lives. Very proactive scenes and it not for the minor! 8 episodes in total…caught only 2….heheh rushing back after work to catch the remaining 4. Something for a change after watching too much HK & US tv series!

BTW Boston Legal still rocks….Danny Crane!

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Sun Tzi Art of Treachery

Pertaining to my previous post on the local public transport situation.

I set me thinking along the Sun Tzi Art of War.
Imagine you a fighting a war and wants to lead your enemy to a terrain of your favor.
You will set up obstacles to cause them to may a make diversion. Where you will then ambush and attack them take advantage of what you have create.

Lets take a look at the scenario

ERPs & COEs are like obstacles to channel some drivers into public commuters.
Public Transport thus having enough commuters to maintain their revenues.

However one knowing that it is a trap, we walk in voluntarily.
The grass is not even Greener, No promise to increase the efficiency or frequency or fares of the transport?
In fact I observe the followings.

Air-con dripping
Air-con not cooling
EZlink card reader not working
No mobile TV?
Double decker seats indicator not working
Bus driver alight commuters far away from bus stop.

All I can say is…Sun Tzi Art of War Treachery really works!

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According to the calender..its Friday!

This week really zoom.

Its Friday today and its Nana company’s D&D. Too bad we didn’t win the logo contest, we lost due to “feng shui” muahah ironic it seems but I think it makes sense in certain way. Rather to believe then to ignore it.

Anyway, I’ll be on a solo mission tonight to go around town shooting. I bring my tripod along today so that I can do some night scape shooting. I should be shooting along Chinatown, Boat Quay& Clarke Quay. I think its gonna be funs as I’ll be shooting alone this time.. *grinz* free and easy

Oh…I postpone my Sony lessons to Feb as i received a RED BOMB again. Was from my ex colleague, she left to start her own business. It just isn’t easy starting ya own business… Hope you are doing well babe!! You go girl!

Talking about marriage….i remember the conversation I had with Toh. Haha…he is telling me not to think so much coz the more we think the less reason we have to get married. Muahah…..that coming from a married man. Okie…he is a committed man okie!

You see….it seems like all unnecessary things will suddenly becomes necessary after marriage.Things will be taken granted for w/o appreciation. Therefore I had an idea… SHE must list out the expectation from me….and I’ll let her know which is doable and which is not! Fair n Square right? hahhaa… therefore those not inside the list..shall be treated as good will 🙂

I’m selfish I know… but if this will help a marriage last why not… No one plan to fail…they only fail to plan 🙂

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Photography Day Out

Went photo shooting around Arab street on Saturday. Intended to go Chinatown by have to change to Arab street because I need to exchange  a faulty laptop RAM.

I think I’ve really improve on my shooting, shots turn out greater then expected. I only need to be familiar with the settings. I had to try and error  a few times before getting the settings right.

Aikido class started  that day and  more then expected crowd turn up for the demo. I must say I’m really impressed with the demo and the students who sign up. These student are really hardcore Aikido fans. They have practice Aikido before but wanted to persure it further in the Yoshinkan style. What surprise me even more was there they were a few foreigner who were working in Singapore signing up for the class, and there was this particular guy who was on a tour in Singapore pop by just to view the demo and chat with the sensei. Guess that all Aikido practitioner has something in common.

Kudos to Ramlan Sensei!


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