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Passion Run & Passionate Peeps!

Body me and Bob completed the 15km passion run at ECP yesterday…oh our Nana completed 10km.
Nana’s body is aching throughout..haha.ask u exercise regularly u dun want! Now suffer e consequences~

We all feel great after e run….adjourn to Bedok food center to have or breakfast before heading back home to ZzzZzz.

Meet up with e #nonsense peeps at Marriot cafe for a gathering cum my post B’day celebration. The turnout…11 adults and a baby! next few gathering…we might need to have few more baby seats. Haha. How time flies where all of us were still single and sitting infront of the PC IRCing our nights out! Those we the days.

And Jul, if you r reading this. lets have another BBQ session at your place. We can have pot luck again…and ask ya Maria to do all the dirty job for the aftermath! HAHA.

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IRC Pals

Meet up with Ice & Snow last wed for a catch up.  I’ll talk about how I meet them in later part.

I suggested Waraku and ask snow to make a reservation at CENTRAL knowing it will be full house. Eh…. she did make a reservation at Waraku…and at CENTRAL. BUT its Waraku Dinning and not Waraku Pasta. boo hoo.. apparently there is a miscommunication.

Food!!! I still prefer Waraku pasta, they’ve got much friendlier staffs and nicer food.  Our next catch up will be at  Waraku Pasta. hehe their treat!

I told Nana about my catch up with them and she sort of find me WEIRD! Coz I got to know them thru IRC. I’ve known them like 10yrs back and I still have a couples of IRC pals I still catch up with regularly. She ask if I’m lonely and desperate for friends? My replied. Its during an ERA of IT evolution and its just happening in those day. You wun understand coz she dun own a PC back then. She is sad and it then bought to my awareness that owning a PC back then is quite a Hoo Haa! I’m considered as an fortunate kid.

Owning a 1200kbs modem back then and  all stffs are in ANSI, we got teleview and BBS. and there isn’t INTERNET(WWW)

I still think IRC is fun back then, not sure about now 🙂   Those were the days & I cherish then friends I had from there.
We are the Champions.

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