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When 2 become 1

Felt happy for them! Also…my guess that 5 yrs down the road…I’ll be expecting 3 more 🙂

The Certificate

The Certificate

The Ring

The Ring

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Gross but Funny Game!

I was introduct to this game by my 10yrs old niece.


U will be shock kids r playing this!!!

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Small things I splurge on

I scaled Bukit Timah Hill again yesterday. Tried running there to meet my relatives but something happen mid way & I’m force to take a bus there. Its getting easier to climb up now and that goes for Nana.

We adjourned to the near by hawker to have our usual breakfast, and this time we ordered hell lots of food. Damn all that exercising seems to have gone to waste. haha. After the breakfast, some of us pop by NTUC finest for some shopping. We bought the 2 most expensive there.

1) The Most expensive apple you can find there, 1 for $7.80
2) The Most expensive Chips you can find there, 1 for $1.80 (its like less than 50grams)

Well…its all worth it I must say.The apple is extremely juicy and the the Chips taste very close the French fries and its very addictive. I think there are less that 30 chips in a bottle.

My next splurge will be the near $100 honeydew. Hehe. Will write a review if I really splurge on it!

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Topic on marriage n kids

Was chatting with Gina on MSN this morning and she ask if I getting married? Hmm..what kind of question is that to be ask early in the morning?

Here is my reply to some of her Question

Q : When you getting married?
A: Not getting married!

Q: U planning to have Kids?
A: Yes, but you don’t need to get married to have kids right?

Q: Then how about the birth cert?
A:  Put the mum name then. I can be the guardian!

Q: You are selfish!
A: Selfish to who? I’m only selfish to those who can’t accept this idea! Its my commitment with my partner. What has that   go to do with others? I don’t need a cert to have kids. I don’t need a cert to prove that we are happily together!DO I?
As long as we are happy, who cares, why should we put on a show in front of others?

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