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The Kite Runner

I finally watch it. Its such a touching show….its been a while since a show left such a impact on me. The earlier one is pursuit for happyness. But the kite runner bring back so many memories. I miss kite flying, i miss my neighborhood friends. Oh I shifter house like 8 times… so i lost many of them.

This show has show much to tell. How one silly act in your childhood was have such an impact in later life. I’m near to tearing but didn’t, instead Nana teared and thanks me for introducing the show.

Thumbs Up….I will watch it again 🙂

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Sun Tzi Art of Treachery

Pertaining to my previous post on the local public transport situation.

I set me thinking along the Sun Tzi Art of War.
Imagine you a fighting a war and wants to lead your enemy to a terrain of your favor.
You will set up obstacles to cause them to may a make diversion. Where you will then ambush and attack them take advantage of what you have create.

Lets take a look at the scenario

ERPs & COEs are like obstacles to channel some drivers into public commuters.
Public Transport thus having enough commuters to maintain their revenues.

However one knowing that it is a trap, we walk in voluntarily.
The grass is not even Greener, No promise to increase the efficiency or frequency or fares of the transport?
In fact I observe the followings.

Air-con dripping
Air-con not cooling
EZlink card reader not working
No mobile TV?
Double decker seats indicator not working
Bus driver alight commuters far away from bus stop.

All I can say is…Sun Tzi Art of War Treachery really works!

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Suggestion to Police

Haha…here is a joke (LAME)

Send that runner featured in their TV advertisement to catch him..He sure can run.

We can then have Singapore version of “Catch me if you can”

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Singapore Prison Break

SINGAPORE – The Singapore government apologized Thursday for the security lapse that allowed a suspected Islamic terrorist leader to escape from jail, triggering a manhunt across this usually well-policed island nation.
By GILLIAN WONG,Associated Press Writer AP – Friday, February 29

Great, we now have a Singapore version of Prison Break.
My guess for what it will be coming up

1) A book on this incident will be publish (provided the escapist is caught)
2) The Police will keep mums on how it actually happen but emphasis on how effective it is in capturing (once again, provided the escapist is caught)
3) A honest mistake was made! (Sounds familiar)

Actually who cares for the much anticipated or predictable answers.

What I want to know was, can anyone or anybody actually sue the police ass of for such “honest mistake” which cause panic and fear to the nation. HELLO…..he is a Suspected Islamic Terrorist Leader. Its like a freaking OUTBREAK.

I guess the bombardment to my above statement will be “Suspected” not “REAL”… 🙂

hmm….Tell me about it…… !

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