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Son of Rambow

Watched Son of Rambow yesterday….. Hmm….it was rather plain and dry at the begining but things turn interesting towards the ending. Kids might be just kids….but the action behind them are quite meaningful and real.

It makes me wanna watch Lord of the Flies…not sure if I can still get them in stores…else i would have to settle for the book!

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The Godfather

This song is so beautiful!!…

OK..I’m not a hardcore fan of Godfather. But this movie do inspire me in one way or another. Maybe they should have the “The Godfather Trilogy” Movie Marathon!
I swear I’ll go for it!

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Gung Ho Panda!

Wanted to watch Zohan…but i know Nana is eying for the panda for a long time. Okie….Panda then!

Muahah….Its really a nice show! Kudos to Nana for the recomendation! The Secret Ingredient is actually “XXXXXXX” Kaoz….cliche but neat! Just like life!

Anyway….not sure if its the same for all Cathay..But the one at causeway point sux!

U queue and buy ya drink at the same counter!Which is to say….if you buy ya tickets early….u need to queue up again to buy ya drinks and tidbits! Argh,,,,,irritating!!!

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Movie Marathon

I’m exposed to a number of love movies over the weekend. *ahem* Also non love movies too!

Definitely, Maybe
I like “Definitely, Maybe” most. The act of the father narrating his love life to his daughter and with the support of his daughter, he went to pursue the love of his life. In his narration of his love life, he changes all the name of the girls except the love of his life. This is kind of sweet, to me its like the whole world could change except my love for her…and her name shall etch in my heart and memory!!

Chaos Theory
Chaos Theory is interesting where how in one is in Chaos, do u understand love from hate!
Like I’ve always thought, U never know what or how u would react when accident happens. of course we can list out the possibility but we can never imagine our own reaction!

Dan in real Life
Heartwarming father kids and new mom relationship.

*Charlie Bartlett”
Charlie….Charlie…Charlie…. Damn he is one smart ass who knows how to make money out of situation. But then…he is 2nd to who I like in the show. His mum is my favorite character, I simply love her stlye and attitude towards educating Charlie. Story is about boy seek attention…and boy gets the attention he wants, Its really about how he goes about doing it. Worth the watch!

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Not worth a single min for 80mins


Guy injected with a poison that will kill him in 80mins
Unless he return within 80mins and return the debt he owe, he will be dead.

As luck would have him. along the 80mins crap things happen.

the show is not enticing at all…I dun have the adrenaline rush to see if he make it or not.
The crap that happen just happen for no god reason. Duhz

I prefer gone in 60seconds.  LOL…the extra 79mins is just too much for me~

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The Kite Runner

I finally watch it. Its such a touching show….its been a while since a show left such a impact on me. The earlier one is pursuit for happyness. But the kite runner bring back so many memories. I miss kite flying, i miss my neighborhood friends. Oh I shifter house like 8 times… so i lost many of them.

This show has show much to tell. How one silly act in your childhood was have such an impact in later life. I’m near to tearing but didn’t, instead Nana teared and thanks me for introducing the show.

Thumbs Up….I will watch it again 🙂

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Movies Weekend

Watch 2 movies during the weekends…I must say its a lucky weekend…both shows are fantastic.

First it was Sex & Death 101
Morale of the story : Keep FARKing till you find the right one.

Good Luck Chuck
Moral of the story : Keep FARKing till you find the right one.

Surprisingly  both shows have the same meaning, but the plots are very different.
Well…… Everyone is relentlessly searching for the right one but we don’t stop and wait for it, we carry on with life and love will find its way to you. So magical and so cliché.

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