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The evil me vs Clement

Clement was “infested” with ticks has rashes or wounds all over him! Also he won’t pee or poo at home unless we bring him out to the park.

I’ve also specifically pass instruction that I want to re-toilet train him again and DO NOT BRING HIM DOWN!

Of coz those who dote him and fear of his death due to not pooing and peeing for 12hrs gave in and brought him down to do his business.

Thats it….this piss me off~ NO MORE MR NICE GUY!! The moment Clement came back home I grab him and stuff him into the cage and lock him in my room and left for work.

They stare in disbelief and was shock over my action. Clement was wining the whole day and their heart ache over it..and eventually break down and weep.

I know what i don’t was unfair to Clement. But i felt that if I could cage the human, I would do so. I have no choice but to sacrifice Clement.

I’m sorry to Clement & sorry for those who got shock by my action.

Anyway, the next day shaved clement and found more ticks..argh… We remove the ticks and Clement is now a Jumpy again! His birthday is on the 20th…guess that we’ll need to spoil him that day 🙂

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