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Dinning @ Pontini

Had dinner at Pontini last night and they food was great. Gim was quite a gourmet and ordered some fantastic pasta that was out of the menu but a pasta that true Italian chef must know how to prepare. The goose liver was fantastic too. Don’t ask me what dish I ordered coz, I ain’t the one ordering it. The interesting lesson learned is, If you ordered expensive wine and it doesn’t taste right, you can have it changed. Of coz Gim is the one who detected the sourness in the wine and he have the crew verified it. Indeed the next bottle of exact wine taste different from the earlier one.

Great Food, Great Wine, Great Companion & not to mention great service crew, Roberto!

Oh… I think I’ve to really got to start picking up drinking again. I want to appreciate the finner side of life. Then again, provided I get to drink with those who don’t get drunk easily. I have a problem with alcohol, I don’t get drunk before others do. In fact I’ve never been drunk. *grinz*

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