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Passion Run & Passionate Peeps!

Body me and Bob completed the 15km passion run at ECP yesterday…oh our Nana completed 10km.
Nana’s body is aching throughout..haha.ask u exercise regularly u dun want! Now suffer e consequences~

We all feel great after e run….adjourn to Bedok food center to have or breakfast before heading back home to ZzzZzz.

Meet up with e #nonsense peeps at Marriot cafe for a gathering cum my post B’day celebration. The turnout…11 adults and a baby! next few gathering…we might need to have few more baby seats. Haha. How time flies where all of us were still single and sitting infront of the PC IRCing our nights out! Those we the days.

And Jul, if you r reading this. lets have another BBQ session at your place. We can have pot luck again…and ask ya Maria to do all the dirty job for the aftermath! HAHA.

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Suggestion to Police

Haha…here is a joke (LAME)

Send that runner featured in their TV advertisement to catch him..He sure can run.

We can then have Singapore version of “Catch me if you can”

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I missed the Marathon. I’ve just recovered from my

  1. flu
  2. fever
  3. cough
  4. sore throat

Its really terrible have to go trough these… visit mt GP twice and at the end force to take antibiotics. Argh… I hate them!
Anyway, its a busy week ahead and a month of celebrations. So many public holiday and so many weddings function to attend. Attended my cousin’s wedding lunch over the weekend and its a wedding with a significance. Its the 1st wedding after 7 to 8 years since another cousin wedding. Thats why I have to attend it even when I’m suppose to be at home resting.

Its at Coleman street….and its like just a street away form the marathon finishing line…sigh…so near yet so far!

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I got hit!

Damn…I got hit by the flu virus and running a fever now. Mr run is this Sunday and I seriously consider if I should still run should I recover by tomorrow. Will see my GP soon and seek some advise. I definitely will not want to on the headline on Monday nor be in the obituary page….

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Reason to Run

Marathon day is approaching… I collected my tag and there is this portion behind the tag where u write your reason. I thought about it and conclude that my reason to run would be “to find my discipline at the finishing line

That is really my reason to run, In order to complete the run, training is essential and it takes discipline to train regularly. Finishing the run would be a accomplishment for me, not that I’ve not accomplish anything. But the fact that I have to endure the long journey back to the finishing line. The mental strength to make no excuse to allow myself to give up half way by walking is my form of discipline. Should i see the finishing line, I know that my discipline is still with me.

For those running too, whats yours?

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