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Photography Day Out

Went photo shooting around Arab street on Saturday. Intended to go Chinatown by have to change to Arab street because I need to exchange  a faulty laptop RAM.

I think I’ve really improve on my shooting, shots turn out greater then expected. I only need to be familiar with the settings. I had to try and error  a few times before getting the settings right.

Aikido class started  that day and  more then expected crowd turn up for the demo. I must say I’m really impressed with the demo and the students who sign up. These student are really hardcore Aikido fans. They have practice Aikido before but wanted to persure it further in the Yoshinkan style. What surprise me even more was there they were a few foreigner who were working in Singapore signing up for the class, and there was this particular guy who was on a tour in Singapore pop by just to view the demo and chat with the sensei. Guess that all Aikido practitioner has something in common.

Kudos to Ramlan Sensei!


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Osu, “The Way of Love And Harmony”

Haha, I have not think of how I should apply my leave. Parting is such sweet sorrow..haha.

I’ll be picking up Aikido under the Aikido Shudokan if they manage to establish a base in Singapore. My sensei also my friend will be the main instructor, hope he will go mercy on me.  He is definitely not someone you wanna mess around with.

I’ve learn a lot from him and understand that self defense is necessary as a life saving technique.  They way I see it, its really like Tai Chi, countering every enemy movement in the least effortless way. That also mean I won’t be able to go around wacking people. Osu…just kidding.

Anyway here is a video of my Sensei, and Ai Ki Do means “The Way of Love And Harmony”

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