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Brother to another Wedding

I became the brother to a friend wedding again. Like any weddings i’ve gone thru the “sisters” are always hard to tackle. I’ll not say I’m good at but…hahhah..i’ve got experience hadling many kinds of situations.

Okie..the sisters a side. What was shocking for the wedding was..When we reaching the car park of the bride’s house. We horn to make our presence known. *ahem* thats a traditional. But little did we know we r expecting something¬† out of the NORM happening!

What happen was……………………. some bloody #$%@^% farker threw an egg down and hit our car! KNNBPCB…..was wat Bob shouted. We coun’t identify which household threw the egg down!

NEXT…one DAD from the 2nd story shouted at us and give us the hell of a lecture. Bob still being traumatize by the egg that hit his car rebuke back by asking hit to make a police report since he could see our number plate.

THE POINT OF MY STORY IS….what kind of sick place is SERANGOON? Why is the community so SICK BRAIN!!
Are there some much singles or divorce or broken family living around there that hated marriage this much that they have to crash it!
KNNz,,,,this is definietely one hell of a wedding I’ll remember for a long long time!

Sigh…….1 quote i came up with for this wedding….always a brother never the groom! mauahhaa!

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I missed the Marathon. I’ve just recovered from my

  1. flu
  2. fever
  3. cough
  4. sore throat

Its really terrible have to go trough these… visit mt GP twice and at the end force to take antibiotics. Argh… I hate them!
Anyway, its a busy week ahead and a month of celebrations. So many public holiday and so many weddings function to attend. Attended my cousin’s wedding lunch over the weekend and its a wedding with a significance. Its the 1st wedding after 7 to 8 years since another cousin wedding. Thats why I have to attend it even when I’m suppose to be at home resting.

Its at Coleman street….and its like just a street away form the marathon finishing line…sigh…so near yet so far!

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I got hit!

Damn…I got hit by the flu virus and running a fever now. Mr run is this Sunday and I seriously consider if I should still run should I recover by tomorrow. Will see my GP soon and seek some advise. I definitely will not want to on the headline on Monday nor be in the obituary page….

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