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Singapore Prison Break

SINGAPORE – The Singapore government apologized Thursday for the security lapse that allowed a suspected Islamic terrorist leader to escape from jail, triggering a manhunt across this usually well-policed island nation.
By GILLIAN WONG,Associated Press Writer AP – Friday, February 29

Great, we now have a Singapore version of Prison Break.
My guess for what it will be coming up

1) A book on this incident will be publish (provided the escapist is caught)
2) The Police will keep mums on how it actually happen but emphasis on how effective it is in capturing (once again, provided the escapist is caught)
3) A honest mistake was made! (Sounds familiar)

Actually who cares for the much anticipated or predictable answers.

What I want to know was, can anyone or anybody actually sue the police ass of for such “honest mistake” which cause panic and fear to the nation. HELLO…..he is a Suspected Islamic Terrorist Leader. Its like a freaking OUTBREAK.

I guess the bombardment to my above statement will be “Suspected” not “REAL”… 🙂

hmm….Tell me about it…… !

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