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A new home

eh….excuse me. I know I still have outstanding issues with regards to the 2009 resolution.

However…I’ve got a bigger issues that require my immediate attenntion! Renovation for my new house is driving me GIDDY!  Haha..need to keep track of contractors work..andd to ensure all goods are delivered accurately. Going around Singapore getting quotations n shopping for accessories!  Whaa…headache~

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Coffee Talk

Had a interesting talk with my workers during our coffee talk a hour ago.

We were discussing about “GOD” and Henry shared his experience on his account with God. At a period of time(1year) he was reading the bible day and night. He explained how the bible was like a chronicles but a puzzle where things will fit togther when you seek the truth behind it. WHAa…very Da Vici siah!!!!

He cited that some point, he start having “virtuality experience” of the path taken by Jesus follower when they travelled from place to place to spread the teaching of Jesus. He “experience” the scorching sun burnt and body aches from travelling across the deserts. WHAAA…de ja vu!

Also he mention that he also experience satan speaking and disturbing him. He realise he is near enlightenment  and therefore…satan is out to ruin his journey.

Quite a experience eh????

Well….he also shared some verse from the bible and explain what they actually mean. WHA….some knowledge gain!!!!

OKie….i’m not trying to be duchebag here. But…at of the day…what i gather was…why do people seek gods teaching? It is “actually to have eternal life! Like wat everyone does…to seek “imortality” or “eternal life”

I asked myself…what is it that i did not seek in “god” or any other name u might call it! I don’t see the life/experience after death. What is there for me I seek.

What i seek is tomorrow!! Tomorrow.. can i try this …can i try that! thats what i seek!

Perhaps…like a lost or forsaken lamb….I’m still wandering in WONDERland!


One last one from another worker..when we seek G O D is like we see for ” Gift of Death”
neat eh!!!

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MY…Life with Computers

I’m begining to feel that I’m so tied up with things that everyday seems to have alot of things to do.
Help Fix xxx PC
Attend XXX
Arrange XXX

Everyday I’m busy helping fixing peoples problems…that I have deprived of my own time.
Every weekend I’m like rushing fix this PC and that PC. okie…fixing PC is what I do outside my job. in fact I’m rather good kind at it that I always got referred around by my friends and customers. And recently.. i have lots of P and notebook coming in to be fixed! Sigh…and if its not cost effective to get certain parts to be replaced..They leaved the PC at my home for good! room has like 10pc now! LOL…

Like wat my abs says…i’m like a mama shop to her…..she call me for all sorts of shits!

Seriously…at time I feel like stopping all these PC fixing thingy…BUT…however….whenever someone called and said he/she need to pc badly…my heart goes soft and I agree to have the pc fixed!

…I WANT TO BE A CRUEL MAN……coz today i got told off by nana for consoling a crying friend! EOL…

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An unusual conversation.

I was on the train this morning and with no surprise every was cramp like sardines in a can. LUCKY me I had some luxury of space to read my papers. When i flip to the forum section and begin reading, a unfamiliar voice was heard, I turned my head and saw a man in his early 40s. He was ranting to me on a article published in the papers.

It was how the LTA are attracting enticing drivers to scrap their cars at better deals. Thus channeling such segment of drivers to take public transport. He highlighted that the train was already badly pack at peak hours and he has to squeeze trough the crowd to get to a comfortable position to stand. He can’t imagine how it would become if there is such influx of new public transport user.

This complain wasn’t new to me. But someone whom I do not know, complaining to me at that situation was indeed a rare sight. I understand his frustration and wanting to voice it out to me.  I share his his view which I had already foresee sometime back. But not wanting to make his day worst, before I alight, I turn around and greeting him good bye and wishing him a good day ahead. I hope this will make his day, at least his voice was heard 🙂

I’ll begin my after thoughts on this issue in my next post.

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fast pace

Knnz…..New year mood over…. and work is picking up at an extremely fast pace.

need more man power… help help!!!

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Happy New Year

Has been a hectic 2007… Both in Work, R/S & Game.

I need to flip back to my 2007 resolution and see whats being fulfilled and whats not. I know I’m a little late but its better then not doing anything at all.

Got a call from CC a few days ago and she was weeping over the phone will yakking with me. She was weeping because she can’t seems to be satisfied with what every she has and is always complaining about it. So I told her to reflect and be realistic in making her demands. If her current husband can’t provide what she wants, then she should stop complaining and look for someone who can. Coz there isn’t any reason to complain at something you knew would never change. If all those material needs is what she WANTS…. then she should start looking for a new husband..else she should just reflect on her needs and wants.

My conclusion on Marriage….argh…why jump into it when u have no confidence handling it. Life isn’t a bed of roses there are ups and downs. So dun be naive in only “hearing the good things”.


I’ve been busy battling in an online game. I’ve been playing for years and this tourney is really hardcore and time consuming. There isn’t room for loser and inactivity and I managing a bunch of players making sure that they took my orders seriously and making sure every attacks counts. Phew…am glad we made it round after round, have no confidence that my team will win, coz those OTHER guys out there are really awesome. hahah just like me 🙂 opss

okie…enough babbling. Happy New Year.. and as usual…may this year be a better one the the previous 🙂


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They say that as you get older you tend to sleep less. Not sure how true it is, but whatever it is I think its taking effect on me!
I can’t seems to sleep more than 6hrs or so. The bloody in-built alarm clock seems to wake me up daily whenever 6hrs is up.
Even though I had a couple of drink or no matter how much exerciseI had done that day … it just keep waking me up! ARgh….

Well.. here I am.  in the middle of the night typing this post coz I slept at 7pm and my in-built alarm clock just woke me up at 1am!! Argh… again!


Was suppose to shut down the company from last Thursday till this Tuesday for the festive holiday, but apparently alot of things r happening and I’m forced volunteered to come back during Friday and Monday to help settle some stuffs. I’m a workaholic I think!


Went lunching with Nana of Friday at Pan Pac and I think Nana loves the food there. I think we will make it a monthly event to dine there just to try out the culinary skills from their different chef there. Great food  with great presentation.. Thumbs up from me! Oh.. not to mention their homemade bread is extremely tasty and no bread came close to it after that!

Anyway I’ll also plan to bring Nana to try the food out at Pontini and Top of the M. I hope Nana will like the food there too!


After lunch, we went photo shooting with my new toy and Nana is my model for the day. I’m still a noob in DSLR photography and I took a awfully long time just to get the correct setting. OK maybe not so correct after all. I’ve develop some of the photos and it comes out OK..but not jaws dropping! It lack of some punch. I seriously need to brush my skills up so I can’t wait to start the DSLR classes and get some serious tips.


I’ll attempt to get some sleep again and hopefully it I can get another 6hrs of sleep….. anyone knows how to kill in in-built alarm clock besides killing me?

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