Wow…..My mum has gone Facebook and so as a few of my relatives. When I said relativies, i’m not refering to my nephews, nieces & cousins. My unlces and auties are on face book as well..Oh god! they now organise outings via facebook, update their photos and gossips! LOL…Just too much for me to handle.

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Pillow Talk!

This is neat! Thats what I call pillow talk!

U can get them from

Pillow Talk

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My Phone

Till date, I have not traded-in any phone for a new phone! the time my contract is up and time for a new phone, my existing phone would already been VERY UTILIZED! For example the phone that is with me for 18mth is missing the alphabets on the keypad, Haha when someone tried to use with my phone their immediate reaction would be : oie..cannot see the wordings, how you make call and sms?

I would then replied…hmm…to be honest I dun really need to see the words to make any call or text! do u? I’m just being pratical hahah! Anyway, this phone has really serve me well! In fact I’ve been a loyal fan of Sony Ericsson!

My Sony Ericsson K770i

One think I like abt SE is their Cybershot series! below r some nice photos I’ve taken!


Shadows Black : Gray : White

This post is dedicated to my phone b4 she gets replaced!

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Did not run fast enough yesterday! Resulted in having 三长两短 candles on my cake!

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Today, I got to run like I’m running for my life! Run run run……..*zoom*

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Rcv a bday card from Sherry! As a matter of fact, its a Ransom Card.
Thanks babe!

Anyway…I think, as we age, the less “mood” we have for a bday celebration!
During the younger days…its DRink till u drop..yeah!! Birthday is a day to celebrate and get wild!

Ahem…Have yet to get drunk..however  Now…I can hardly hold my liquor! No more Tequila, Vodka, Whiskey or Gin!
Its now Long Jing Cha for me! hehe!

Lets age gracefully! Cheers~

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The Force

The laziness in me is preventing me from blogging.

BTW..I’m already back from my trip..and have been bz since I came back! Lots of things is happening around me and i believe my hands will be pretty tied soon. Only hope that this will not be my last post!

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