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Bird Park – non bird series

Haha..I can’t just be shooting birds there… I shoot what ever that catches my attention.
Some more photos to take up the extra bandwidth~

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Gong Xi Fa Cai

yo yo…Happy Chinese New Year!!

Mood is pretty stale during the CNY…during visiting…i realize that the  goodies ain’t as much as previous. However my house parent’s hse is still loaded with stuffs! We had like 2 steamboat and 1 teppanyaki at 1 go~ haha…imagine the number of guest we had!!!!

Oh..I went Genting on the 4th day of the CNY and I gave a big ang bao to uncle Lim! hehe u get wat i mean 🙂

Lastly 1 immediate resolution for this year would be….tame my temper!!!!!

Adios~ Usu~

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Self Reflection

Trying to set my New Year Resolution for 2009

Will also append those outstanding from 2008 resolution..hehe

Stay tune for the  NEW resoultion~

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